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Green Living for a Sustainable Future

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Surely the time has come for the people of this planet to start taking responsibility for the havoc and devastation that they have wreaked upon our planet, Earth.

We have now moved beyond the global population mark of 7 BILLION people and reports suggest a population of 10 BILLION people within 40 years.

An increase of 3,000,000,000 people to feed and sustain. Did you know, the population of the world in 1960 was just 33 billion people, so in just 50 years the global population has more than doubled, so the emphasis on Green Living has never been more important than it is today…!

Green Living for a sustainable Future
Green Living for a sustainable Future

With your HELP and contribution to our blog pages maybe we can start to encourage people to start making a difference to their environment and ours.

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Green living is all about adopting more environmentally friendly, practices.

Does anybody really think that this rate of expansion can be maintained without any radical re-thinking on the way we abuse our environment? We need to start working towards achieving real sustainability, to enable the Earth to continue supporting human life as we know it, today.

Look at the image below: water pollution on that scale is extremely dangerous to the environment, to personal health, to the Eco-system and without intervention will only get worse.

water pollution
The Pollution here, defies words

Green living … in a world defined by Power, Money, and Greed is an Absolute Mammoth Task of Herculean Proportions.

Modern appliances, home comforts and every gadget imaginable are considered as unquestioned essentials to everyday living. Television advertising, magazines and more and more the internet have predisposed us to confine our attention to our physical needs and wants. The result of which: we find it difficult to strike a meaningful balance in our life between the material and spiritual aspects.

One of my favorite sayings:

“Happiness doesn’t come from the possession of many things… …but from the need of few” ~ unknown

Recognizing your connection to all things makes you more humble and respectful of people, animals, plants, and things in nature. It makes you appreciate everything around you. It moves you to go beyond your comfort zone and reach out to other people, and become stewards of all other things around you.

When you inspect the next image, you will see that moving towards Green Living is not merely a passing fancy but a distinct and total necessity.

Health effects of pollution

The practice and general school of thought of Ecological Green Living is extremely interconnected with the overall principles of sustainable development.

Global Warming, will it really affect our future way of life? This is yet another massive problem, that’s getting closer to disaster every day. Have a look at this video from NRDC which makes for uncomfortable viewing:

[responsive_video type=’youtube’ hide_related=’1′ hide_logo=’0′ hide_controls=’0′ hide_title=’1′ hide_fullscreen=’0′ autoplay=’0′][/responsive_video]

Scientists and people the world over have been trying to figure out and understand the nature of global warming. There are intense discussions world-wide on the subject, and controversy is raging where ever you look.

As the outcome of these debates will affect us all, here follows a few basic facts:

  • Number one and most obvious, the earth’s surface temperature is actually rising along with the temperature’s of the oceans.
  • In the past 20 years, ten of those years have been the hottest since records began.

What are the causes of this phenomenon?In a nutshell it’s known as the greenhouse effect; this is where certain vapours and gases form a sort of blanket that covers and warms the earth.

This is an accepted fact and is beneficial to the good of the planet.However, there is a delicate balance to be had, between heat and cold as more heat is now trapped inside the earth’s atmosphere, which is the reason why we are experiencing global warming.

In the last hundred years there has been a rise in temperatures of just over 1 degree Fahrenheit, doesn’t sound so bad you might think. But did you know that in our current century the temperature is expected to rise by 7 degrees!

Global warming on this scale could prove to be absolutely catastrophic to the future of our planet. The results of global warming could see the oceans rising to levels which will create flooding on a scale quite unimaginable.

A few more things to contemplate:

  • Droughts would badly damage the world’s crops
  • There would be shortages of drinkable water
  • Extinction of species could become a problem because of changing habitats and the suitability of the climate for the animal
  • Heat waves could become more acute

Now, please don’t think it’s all doom and gloom; there are ways to slow the process down. If we all, as individuals start taking responsibility for our actions and and give more thought to green living, we can each play our part in protecting the Earth’s environment.The KEY is to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, drastically! It’s important to give our planet Earth an opportunity to regain a natural balance. With the information on this site about global warming and green living, we might just have enough time to reverse our decline.

Green living for a sustainable future is the only way forward.
green living
How many warnings do humans need?

So what is sustainable green living?Sustainable green living is a lifestyle that seeks to reduce a person’s or society’s consumption of the Earth’s natural resources and also their own resources. Practitioners and proponents of sustainable green living frequently attempt to reduce their carbon footprint by modifying methods of transportation, energy consumption and diet; aspiring to conduct their lives in ways that are more consistent with sustainability, in natural balance and respectful of humanity’s symbiotic relationship with the Earth’s natural ecology and cycles.

What we at Daily Green Post would like you to do is, join in the debate…!!!

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