6 Ways to Energize Your Home This Winter

- 6 ways to energize your home

Here are 6 Ways to Energize Your Home This Winter

6 Ways to Energize Your Home

Guest Post by: Harry Carr

You have heard at least once for the energy, which everyone of us has. But can you imagine that even places have energy. You can feel it the moment you enter at a certain place. To many of you may have happened at least once in their lifetime to say “I don’t know why, but I don’t like this place” or “I feel so good here” and even without any visible reason. This is the energy of the place which affects our mood and feelings.

That’s why your home should not be an energizing vampire, which sucks the energy directly out of your veins, but it has to fill your mind with peace and make you feel cozy and safe.

Follow the suggested steps in this article and turn your home into an endless source of positive energy.

6 ways to energize your home x

6 ways to energize your home

First and most important thing is to be clear. Be clear not only in your thoughts, but also keep high cleanliness at your home! De-clutter, get rid of stains and spots, vacuum clean thoroughly, provide free and fresh air at home. Do you know that all the clutter in the rooms can definitely spoil your mood and make you feel against the wall? Always go for chemical-free cleaning solutions, which you can make even at home. The commercial detergents are full of toxins, which are not good for your health. Having a clean and organized home will let the stream of positive energy flow around and provide you with peace of mind.

The second step is to add plants into your home interior. These will not only improve your mood, make your eyes happy, but also will provide you with fresh and clean air.


This is a good way to improve the environment at your home and the green color is the color of peace.

Thirdly, don’t allow your kitchen to look like a battlefield. Wash all the dishes and don’t let them overflow from your sink. Clean your oven, because it will improve the quality of your food, and it is a well-known fact that tasty and healthy food provides with delight everybody. And happy thoughts mean positive energy.

Your bedroom is your temple. Clean it thoroughly and get rid of all the unnecessary clutter in it. Organize the wardrobes, so that there are no piles of clothes and sheets. Domestic cleaners advises you to let enough sunlight in the room. Sun has the ability to unlock happiness and make the premises feel more warm and cozy. Get rid of any bulky wardrobes and furniture and provide more space. Your bedroom is not a closet!

To re-fresh the look of your home, you can re-arrange the rooms. Some people rely on the so called “Feng-Shui” method, according to which they arrange their homes. But you have to arrange it in a way, in which you will feel comfortable and you will enjoy it. Find your own style; you have to express yourself in the look of your home. The atmosphere you provide to your home should bring your own touch.

Fill the air with fragrance, which you love. You can use your own home-made air-freshener. The only thing you need is essential oils of your choice. It is so easy: in a spray bottle mix water and enough quality of the essential oils. You can also add some citrus fruits’ peels and herbs. But then, you need to wait until the smells mix in one harmonic symphony.

In fact, the energy of your home is entirely in your hands. Your nice thoughts will transfer to the energy of your home. Stay positive and take care of your home in the utmost way. It will repay you with peaceful atmosphere, in which you can have a good rest after the long, exhausting day at work. Provide your family with the pleasure of staying at home, by following these easy and basic steps.

I hope you have found this article – 6 ways to energize your home – informative, and you will share your own experiences below in the comment box and please take the time to click on the share button, many thanks; see more articles on The Daily Green Post home page.

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