Six pantry items you can use for your green cleaning

Six pantry items you can use for your green cleaningx

Six pantry items you can use for your green cleaning

Guest Post: Isobel Newman

Using some cheap, environmentally friendly and effective products, here are six pantry items you can use for your green cleaning which you have in your pantry.

Now you have no excuse not to make your own cleaning detergents.

With white vinegar, baking soda, rubbing alcohol and lemons, you can create different cleaning products that are green and safe for the health. Use the ideas presented here to make your own detergents without harmful chemicals.

Six pantry items you can use for your green cleaning

Six pantry items you can use for your green cleaning

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White Vinegar

This ingredient is slightly acidic, it dissolves soap scum, water deposits and dirt from smooth surfaces. Tenancy Cleaners NW7 states that at the same time it isn’t too aggressive and can be used in cleaning solutions for hardwood floors. White vinegar has absorbing properties as it doesn’t cover the smells, but will eliminate them. This pantry item doesn’t stain which makes it appropriate to be used in for cleaning tiles and grout. It can be used as a substitute for fabric softener for people with sensitive skin. It is effective in removing of detergent residue.

Undiluted white vinegar can be used directly onto kitchen, bathroom and toilet surfaces to clean soap scum, hard water deposits, disinfect the inside of the toilet bowl. Pumice stone can be used to remove water ring from bathroom and toilet surfaces.

Baking Soda

This ingredient is known for its abrasive and natural deodorising qualities. It can be used to scrub all kinds of surfaces and can replace scouring powders. Baking soda sprinkled on a damp sponge can be applied to remove stains and grime from bathtubs, smears from kitchen sinks and clean chrome and natural stone surfaces. It is also suitable for unclogging sinks and drains. The paste made of baking soda and water can be used for scrubbing various kitchen, bathroom and toilet surfaces.


It can be used for removing grease from ovens and cooking appliances. Just like baking soda, salt has abrasive qualities and is perfect for eliminating greasy stains from microwaves and cookers. Sprinkle some salt on the greasy smears and leave it there until the appliance cools. Wipe the stain with a soft cloth after that.

Rubbing Alcohol

It is also known as isopropyl and can be used as a base for making evaporating cleaning products that can replace the offered on the markets glass and window cleaners. Using rubbing alcohol, water and white vinegar you can make a cleaning spray which you can use for sanitising chrome surfaces, windows, mirrors, glass and for creating shiny finishes on ceramic tiles.


Ammonia is alkaline solution, non-sudsing and clear which is perfect for creating all-purpose cleaners and window cleaning products. It is better for this purpose than vinegar which is an acid. Not creating suds, ammonia can be used in all kinds of recipes for green cleaning products. It may appear that the suds clean better but it isn’t so and it needs to be rinsed afterwards.

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