Green Shopping

Green Shopping-

Green Shopping – What is it and How Can I Get In on the Craze?

Guest Post: Green shopping by Lizzie Weakley

Lizzie Weakley - green Shopping


Green shopping is rapidly growing in popularity as more people try to find ways of living consciously by being aware of the products they buy and how they affect the environment.

Many assume that green shopping can only take place at speciality stores, however, many big chain stores carry these products, and they have regular discounts and coupons to make buying them more affordable. Green shopping places an emphasis on using natural, recycled, or sustainable ingredients. Here are some ways you too can become a green shopper:

Familiarize yourself with Green Brands

Once you know what the reputable brands are and which ones are not, you will be able to spend less time reading labels and know you can trust the integrity of their product. Large stores such as Target and Amazon carry many green brands, and you can increase your savings by browsing for coupons to use at those popular stores.


Green Shopping

Green Shopping

Look for Natural Ingredients

One of the reasons for buying green products is to avoid chemicals that are harsh on our bodies and the environment. Many green products use plant-based cleaning agents, natural food coloring, or essential oils to add fragrance to their products rather than chemically made fragrances.

Choose Organic

You don’t have to just shop at specialized health food stores or farmers markets to find organic food. Nearly all big food chains are including an organic section or organic brands on their shelves. Buying organic is important to green shopping because organic foods have to abide by strict agricultural rules that prevent the use of harmful pesticides and also maintain soil integrity. Organic foods are better for your health, as well as the health of the planet.

Buy Local

Choosing local whenever possible is a big part of the green movement. Choosing food and other products that have to travel less time to make it to you will use less fuel/energy, therefore decreasing the carbon footprint. You can also feel good about putting money back into your community.

These are just some of the many ways you can become a green shopper. Once you start looking, you might be surprised just how many products are available in a more sustainable version, from toilet paper and tin foil, to cereal and every spice in your spice rack. Over time you can make it a goal to completely switch over to these eco-friendly products.

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