Recycled Glass Countertops

Your questions answered regarding, Recycled Glass Countertops and their green attributes.

When it comes to a kitchen or restroom remodeling project, among your biggest costs will most likely be the counter tops, recycled glass countertops provide the ideal method to add appeal to your kitchen or washroom.

Recycled glass countertops

Recycled glass countertops

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There is a very big range to choose from. When it concerns recycled glass counter tops, it depends on what reused materials are used to manufacture them.

Where the recycled glass counter tops are made is an additional variable which needs to be taken into account when identifying the sustainability of a recycled glass countertops.

At this time most of the businesses make their products in the United States, but recycled glass counter tops have attracted worldwide interest.

Recycled Glass products

Now some foreign business have started to export recycled glass countertops to the UNITED STATES.

This practice of importing heavy (14.5 lbs/sq ft) recycled glass countertops from overseas when there is such a big quantity of recycled glass in the UNITED STATE has actually quickly come under examination.

LEED or (The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification program has actually begun to put increasing weight on the importance of local manufacturing to minimize the carbon footprint of structure materials.

This concentration on products made in the UNITED STATE has the secondary influence of encouraging the support of United States business in a time of economic slump.

Unlike countertops made from granite, wood or marble, recycled glass counter tops do not diminish virgin natural resources.

Rather, recycled glass makes use of materials that would otherwise end up being trash and changes them into a long lasting surface that looks contemporary and elegant.

It makes use of glass that originates from practically any source consisting of bottles, broken stained glass, window glass, as well as some products that were never considered as recyclable such as traffic stop lights.

The glass is then fused into a composite of stunning color and design, which is then changed into an excellent countertop surface.

The recycled glass counter tops are made with about 70 % recycled glass and is still extremely durable. The result is less manufacturing of new glass in manufacturing facilities and less pollution also.

Recycled Glass products

In regards to installment it is easy: the company which installs it just need apply an adhesive and afterwards stick it to the top of the old counter. This is not just helpful considering that it is less pollution as a result of no requirement for construction, however it is also less expensive also.

It feels great to go green and
save money at the same time.

Recycled glass countertops - Think

Recycled glass – Think

Recycled glass counter tops that are made from 100 % glass provide a sparkling almost opaque look to your counters and can commonly be found in a number of color ranges. They can be found in almost solid looking colors, however with the appearance of internal bubbles or waves in them to add interest to your space.

If taking care of the earth is your leading concern,then you’ll want a counter which is manufactured 100 % with recycled products, which is what you’ll acquire with (some) recycled glass countertops.

These countertops are a lovely mosaic, and often you can specify exactly what color glass you ‘d want to see made use of. That glass is suspended within a matrix of concrete.

Petroleum based binders do provide the benefit that they do not require to be sealed two times a year like cement based recycled glass countertops. Nonetheless, the sealing process is a simple 20 minute procedure: clean surface, spray on a stone sealer readily available at any hardware or yard store, let it sit for half an hour and wipe away.

IceStone recycled glass counter tops are not for the price-conscious. They are a high-end item for environmentally conscious consumers. The lower end of the glass countertops price range is around $2000.

Some glass countertops cost much more. The price will differ relying on the color, design and even the business selling it. You must always shop around for the best IceStone countertops cost.

Recycled Glass products

The glass used in recycled glass counter tops is sourced from very many sources. Post-consumer recycled glass sources are numerous, however the most typical sources are curbside recycling and salvaged glass from demolished structures.

As most recycled glass counter tops are one piece and cut to order, they are extremely hygienic. There are no seams where food can breed germs. Glass is non-porous and fairly stain proof along with being exceptionally heat resistant (approximately 700 degrees).

Glass countertops are rather tough to keep clean if not dried off well because finger prints and marks will show up. To maintain, just make use of a non abrasive cleaner and polish routinely.

The best guidance that I can give you is to put in the time to look around and see exactly what options are offered.

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Where are they available? Do you have a store near me map link?

Myke O Neill

I'm afraid I don't have that information. I have put a link to Amazon in the post, although they don't have very many suppliers. My best suggestion is to type – recycled-glass-countertops – and your zip code into Google. Hope that helps, myke

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