Ecofan Review

An EcoFan Review – What’s an Ecofan, I here you say?

Hopefully one day, it will be what people write about the DailyGreenPost in forums and like-minded sites, actually it has already begun so, let’s keep up the good work!

But today it is about something I only discovered yesterday, when calling on friends.

Ecofan review

Ecofan review

So, I thought I would do an  – Ecofan review.

My friends live in a large chateau in France; and as you can imagine it is very difficult and expensive to keep warm this time of the year.

But when I arrived yesterday, (temperature near freezing, light snowfall) I was amazed to feel extra warmth coming from the log burning fire.

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When I asked what was creating the extra heat in the room, they explained that they had just purchased from Amazon an Ecofan, and all they had to do was place it on top of the wood burning stove and as the heat rose from the fire it turned the fan blade which in turn pushed the warm air into the room as opposed to losing most of it up the chimney.

Here is a review I found on Amazon for one of the ecofans they have for sale, I include it here because it made me laugh out loud; really!

This fan actually does work really well but only if you keep your stove reasonably warm. When in the “burn zone” at 400F and up this little fan moves air big time! It will start spinning at lower temperatures but the action starts when the stove is as warm as it should be, at 600F it spins so fast that we can slice bread and whip cream with it.

When I asked how they had discovered the Ecofan, they told me they had read an ecofan review in one of the Sunday supplements that come with the papers; and  then later when talking with a neighbor found the neighbor was actually using an ecofan; so borrowed it from them to give it a trial.

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It was hard to see how the small fan could make much draft; so we started out as a skeptics.

When we returned the fan and went back using the stove without it, the difference was incredible.

Obviously our next move was to buy an ecofan for ourselves…

“We noticed the results within the first hour or so of lighting the fire;
as the thermostat, shows how affective this fan really is.”

From skeptic to devotee!

I always find it fascinating to discover new and innovative things, especially in the eco-friendly market and I have to say this one is up there with some of the best and most innovative I have seen.

If you have any items you think are worth reviewing in the same market, please let me know and I’ll try to give them an honest and fair review.

Well that’s my ecofan review, I hope you have found it useful and if you have anything to share on this topic please leave your comments below and don’t forget to click the share button.

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