Maldives Island

Stunning Maldives Island Paradise Vacations

Eco-tourism and Maldive Island holidays – can the two go together?

The eco-friendly tourist, aims to be accountable for his holiday choices when travelling to delicate, beautiful, and generally safeguarded areas of the world and hopes to have as little impact on the their environment as possible.

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Maldives Island

Maldives Island Paradise

It helps educate the traveler; funds preservation projects; benefits the economic development and political empowerment of neighborhood areas; and fosters respect for different cultures and for human rights.

The Maldives are heaven on earth and the perfect place for a remarkable relaxing vacation with excellent food, fantastic individuals, gorgeous weather conditions and the perfect spot for relaxing in total peace and harmony.

Maldives Travel Guides

The Maldives Islands holds the record for being the flattest nation in the world, with an optimum natural ground level of just 2 meters above water level.

Only 200 of the virtually twelve hundred islands are occupied, covered by lavish exotic plants and palm trees.

The Maldives’ most famous dive site, is the Banana Reef.

Maldives Island

Maldives Island

This atoll is also a haven for surfing enthusiasts with the Maldives’ most well-known breakers, on the island of  Thulusdhoo.

The Maldives Island paradise holidays requires the attention of anybody looking for a distinctly indulgent break, spectacular nature and sheer appeal that stays with you long after your tan has become a distant memory.

The yellow fin tuna run through the waters like marauding armies and, for the last 40 years, the vacationers have actually arrived to  join the fish.

The Maldives are malaria-free, however some islands do have mosquitoes and catching dengue fever from them is possible, albeit extremely unlikely.

For those originating from areas contaminated by yellow fever, an international certificate of inoculation is needed.

It is generally warm with humidity and year round sun shine. Regular temperature levels are around 85 F (29C) to 90 F (32C).

The Maldives are also in the world’s leading 5 for whale and dolphin watching, with a quarter of the world’s species to be discovered right here.

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The people of  a Maldives Island is called a Maldivian and are very warm and friendly. The population is predominantly Muslim; on the capital of Male and other occupied islands, modest clothing is suggested for females.

Maldives Travel Guides

Maldives luxury resorts provide the opportunity to have a good time with family, pals, and even by yourself.

Luxury resorts in Maldives are a wonderful getaway for the rich vacationer. For couples, honeymooners and incurable romantics, the crystal blue shallows and sensational coral islands are an ideal location. Each Maldivian island is unique, yet they are all idyllic, and every one provides Eco-Travelers with an exquisite luxury resort and the opportunity for pampering in renowned health spas centers.

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