Eco Travel for More Responsible Visitors

Emphasis On Eco Travel for More Responsible Visitors

Guest Post by Jenny Richards

Eco travelling or eco-tourism is a habit of responsible tourism where focus is on sustenance of local environment together with its people, their lifestyle, culture and socio-economic set-up. It is all about preserving ecological integrity of a place while contributing towards development of local people. Tadoba Resort in Maharashtra is one such organization which encourages and practices green travel. Eco tourism is a responsible comprehensive approach for protecting not only the environment of a place, but also supports local customs, businesses, and economy.

While encouraging green tourism attention is needed to be given to the following factors:

Transportation mode – Travellers never worry too much on mode of transportation while visiting a place. Air planes and cars are the major modes of travel for tourists. Eco travelling demands that flights should be avoided and instead rail travelling should be encouraged. Travelling by train not only reduces consumption of fossil fuel but also carbon emission significantly.

Eco Travel for More Responsible Visitors - Leopard Keeping Watch
Eco Travel for More Responsible Visitors – Leopard Keeping Watch

Travelling by train is pollution free (of course when it is run by electricity) as it prevents carbon emissions.Railway travelling is also enriching as you get to see enthralling sights during your journey. Further, railway travelling is cheap when compared to airways especially in Asian and European destinations.

Ferry is also an eco-friendly transportation mode popular throughout Asia, Europe and Africa. Wherever possible this mode should be availed. Within a city or village travel options of bicycles, horse drawn carriages, camel carts could be explored. And the best way to explore any location is on foot.

Money spent on local businesses – tourism demands that money should be spent on local businesses. You should look for home stays or put up in lodges or hotels operated by local inhabitants. This helps in sustenance of local income opportunities. Buying local handicrafts and products indigenous to a place is a of economically supporting eco tourism.

Using natural resources – Green tourism necessitates use of local resources, both human and material. Using natural resources is a way of showing regards for local economy. Using indigenous resources such as food stuff, locally manufactured beverages, local vehicles, and so on are ways of expressing solidarity to the cause of eco tourism. In case you opt for staying in tents and cook your own food, then using forest wood would be an excellent example of local resource usage.

Respect for local inhabitants – A very important aspect of green travel is respect for local people, their customs and culture. It is likely that the customs and tradition of your travel destination is distinct from your own. It is desirable to have a prior knowledge about local practices and cultural aspects of a travel destination before reaching there. Adjusting to local habits and acknowledging them in good spirit is the essence of eco travelling. The experience is even more satisfying if you could speak in the local language.

Using environment friendly services – There are several eco travel destinations where solar power is a source of energy. There are destinations where even wind is used as a source of power. Non-conventional energy sources like sun, wind, and bio-gas are environment friendly and help in maintaining a clean and green surrounding. Use of low flow toilets and faucets are ways of conserving energy and protecting an environment. Switching off electrical supplies while going out of your room also helps considerably in conserving energy.

Recycling – Reusing bed linen and towels instead of having them changed every day is another important aspect of green travel. In instances where toiletries are complimentary, it is advisable to carry them along for future use and not waste them. Many hotels recycle beverage bottles. In case your hotel does not have such facility it is wise to carry your bottles back.

Tadoba Resort encourages its travellers in ways of green travel and even undertakes orientation sessions for visitors.

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