Sustainable Green Travel Tips

Sustainable Green Travel Tips and Pointers

So you enjoy taking holiday trips, however you are also concerned about the environment. Well, the depleted ozone layer doesn’t mean you need to stop taking trips. You can still travel without destroying the world. Below are some sustainable green travel tips and ideas which will make your next journey more eco-friendly.

Sustainable Green Travel Tips

Sustainable Green Travel Tips

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  • Avoid flying when possible. Flying is very carbon intensive and bad for the environment. Not only is taking a bus or train less costly, it is also much better for the environment. Plus, you really get to see the real face of the areas you are traveling. It can be a fun experience, even if it takes longer to get there. Make the journey a part of the vacation

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  • If flying is unavoidable, then try to find non-stop flights. That will obviously not only decrease your travel time, it will also lower your carbon footprint.
    - Sustainable Green Travel Tips -

    Sustainable Green Travel Tips

  • Paper tickets are ending up being a distant memory. Use electronic tickets whenever and anywhere possible and save a tree.
  • Pack light. The more weighted down your mode of transportation is, the more fuel it will make use of. So if you pack light, you’ll keep more carbon from entering the environment and it’s also a time saver. Time spent packing and unpacking bags or waiting at baggage claim to receive your bags will be shorter if you have fewer bags.
  • Use a recyclable water bottle.
  • Remember: what you can do in your own house when you take a trip. There’s no reason to have the heating and cooling systems running as usual if you’re not home. So reset the thermostat. Stop your paper delivery also; not only is it better for the environment, you won’t have papers piling up in front of your house letting people see you’re away. Disconnect the TV, DVD gamer, coffee pot, toaster, microwave, washer, and clothes dryer. These all will remain to draw electricity while plugged in even if they’re not being used.
  • Stay in hotels with ecological credentials like Green Seal, Environment-friendly Leaf, or the Eco-friendly Hotels Association.
  • When you leave the hotel, shut off the lights or lower the air conditioning.
  • Reuse your towels and sheets during your stay. Simply let the hotel personnel know that they do not need to give you fresh linens every day.
  • Leave the complimentary toiletries for the next visitor unless you’re absolutely sure you’ll use them in your home. The less waste, the greener you’ll be.
  • Use local transport or the hotels van service to go where you need to go. Walking or leasing a bike to move around might be a pleasurable method to explore this new location.
  • If you can’t manage with local services or walking everywhere, then rent a hybrid or fuel effective motor vehicle.
  • Buy regional goods and foods. Regional items have less of an environmental effect.

Utilizing these travel tips will aid your enjoyment and remove your fears about what you are doing to the environment. Most importantly, you can even save yourself cash by following many of these tips. So go out and have yourself a great time and keep the world greener at the same time.

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