Eco-Friendly Pets

Here are some Tips for your Eco-friendly Pets

With all the issues of late with animals dying from the food they eat, many pet owners have begun looking at alternative methods to care for their pets.

Eco-Friendly Pets

Eco-Friendly Pets

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This even extends to the kind of flea collars that are utilized and toys bought for them. We wish to keep our beloved furry close friends healthy and around for a long time, however you can assist the environment, too. So here are some ideas for going green with your eco-friendly pets.

  1. Use naturally degradable doggy bags for the poop. When you take your dog for a walk you need to clean up the poop. If you make use of biodegradable bags, then you’ll be helping out the planet while assisting your pet.
  2. When it comes to cleaning, use an earth-friendly soap on your animal. It’s better for your pet due to the fact that it doesn’t have all the chemicals and toxins, which also makes it much better for the environment. These soaps break down in the drain better and are much better for septic tanks. Plus they smell good, too.
    ~ Eco-Friendly Pets Dalmatian~

    ~ Eco-Friendly Pets Dalmatian~

  3. Clean with vinegar. It doesn’t just clean, it also eliminates the odours from your carpets and fabrics. Use it to obtain the hairballs in the carpeting, drool on the couch, poo mishaps or throw up … (Since let’s face it, even the very best pet has a mishap every now and then.) It’s much better than bleach and still gets rid of the mold and bacteria all the same time. So instead of grabbing the bleach, use vinegar for a change to clean up pet messes.
  4. Towel dry your pet after baths instead of using the blow dryer. While the blow dryer is quick and easy, it’s not good for the environment and it can dry out your animal’s skin anyways, or frighten him. So dry him off with a towel and afterwards let him air dry. Just keep him inside until he’s actually dry, specifically if it’s cold out.
  5. Use rags rather than paper towels for tidy up. You’ll produce less waste by utilizing rags for cleaning up any messes your animal makes. You’ll likewise conserve yourself cash by not having to replace paper towels all the time.
  6. Reuse your old towels by contributing them to an animal shelter. Towels, blankets, or whatever linens you don’t require anymore can be terrific and very useful at your local animal shelter. They are always in need of things. That goes for that old rawhide chew toy your dog won’t play with, too. Rather of tossing it away, pass it on to somebody who can use it. The collar and leash that your pet dog outgrew can be passed on to the regional animal shelter.
  7. Make your own fertilizer for your yard with your animal’s waste. This produces a good and natural fertilizer and you will utilize fewer bags throwing it away.
  8. For your cat, stop making use of clay kitty litters. Trade it in for an environmentally friendly kitty litter.
  9. Do not give your animal bottled water. Use the tap. Put a filter to your faucet or get a separate filtering system for the water.
  10. Instead of driving to the dog park, stroll if you can. Or better yet, stroll around the area with your dog. The workout will be good for both of you. If you want to get your pet out and socializing at the canine park but it’s not in walking range, then see if you can carpool with another one of your animal lover friends.
  11. Use a natural flea repellent instead of flea collars. Things like rosemary, lavender, apple cider vinegar, or a lemon spray all normally discourage fleas. And you don’t have the added waste of the collar and the harmful chemicals of the flea collar touching your pet and being produced into the air.

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Doing these things can be great for your wallet and they will make you feel great about what you’re doing for the environment, too.

So go green with your eco-friendly pets today.

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