Solar Energy Pictures

Top 6 Solar Energy Pictures for your perusal.

When I’m researching various topics on Green Living, solar energy is one where I see some amazing images so here are my favorite solar energy pictures.

So, I thought I would make a compilation of some of my favorite solar energy pictures for your entertainment. Some of them are truly breathtaking, I only wish I could have witnessed them in person.

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Image below:
A strong solar wind can lead to auroras like this one. Credit: NASA

Solar energy pictures -aurora with moon- Nasa

Solar flares and coronal mass ejections can quicken the solar wind. The solar wind is a flow of charged particles that spirals away from the Sun through space. This “electric breeze” can be harmful to astronauts. It can also affect satellites and cause power outages on Earth. One positive effect — a strong solar wind can lead to auroras. These are incredible displays of light in the night sky.

Aurora’s rarely reach below 60 kilometers, and can range up to 1000 kilometers. Aurora light results from solar shock-wave causing energetic electrons and protons to striking molecules in the Earth’s atmosphere.

Frequently, when viewed from space, a complete aurora will appear as a circle around one of the Earth’s magnetic poles.

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I have included the following illustration because real information makes a difference in how we develop our opinions, and well informed opinions are fairly thin on the ground when it comes to the solar energy debate.

solar energy pictures - earths budget Nasa

It important to keep track of the Earth’s radiation budget because the production of greenhouse gases seems to be affecting the natural balance. This creates concerns about rising sea levels, changing precipitation patterns, and an array of other possible effects. With the use of polar orbiting satellites, scientists hope to monitor changes in tropospheric and stratospheric temperatures to look for ways in which we are altering the Earth’s radiation balance. The four topographical regions chosen to do this activity represent four distinctly different terrains. Each region has a predominant feature: rain forest, water, ice, or desert. Each has a unique albedo (reflectance), absorbance ability and heat capacity. These factors, among others, determine how the Earth interacts with the input of solar radiation.
More at … Nasa education

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This solar energy picture below of an Aurora – ‘above,  Bear lake, Alaska’ – just had to be included, it looks like something from an alien world. “Quite amazing!”

There’s more to solar energy pictures than you could ever imagine.

Solar energy pictures - Aurora above Bear Lake Alaska


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For those of you who are interested in what makes up the sun in all its glory, this one is for you.

Solar energy pictures- solar anatomy- Nasa

Courtesy of : Wikimedia

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Solar powered vehicles - solar energy pictures

Solar Powered Vehicles

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Solar energy pictures - Solar 2- Experimental power plant
Solar2 experimental power plant

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