Build Your Garden Soil with Wood Chips

How to Improve and Build Your Garden Soil with Wood Chips

Build Your Garden Soil with Wood Chips

Guest Post By: Jake Hyet

Wood chips have many uses in the garden, from simply providing décor, to actually supplying a valuable service like a defence against weeds. Quite an assortment of materials can be used to make them, such as cedar and oak or pine bark. Keep in mind that’s it’s important that you opt for the type that will work best for you and your garden. The most practical method of using chipped wood is to prevent weeds and retain moisture around your plants. Here are some suggestions to help build your garden soil with wood chips.

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Build Your Garden Soil with Wood Chips
Build Your Garden Soil with Wood Chips

Step 1

Select the type of chipped wood you want to use. This is isn’t a difficult decision, but you need to take into consideration the size, appearance and material that you want. Of course if you have a tree removed you can use your own made by a professional like stump grinding Sydney. Sizes of chipped wood range from small nuggets to shredded. Materials to choose from are bountiful, such as pine, cedar, cocoa, or oak, which can all provide various aromas or texture to your garden. Some are even composed of materials that can deter pests or insects from hanging out in your garden.

Step 2

Prepare your soil before putting down chipped wood. This is done by raking the dirt until it’s even, and pulling out all weeds, as well as getting rid of large rocks, clods of dirt or roots. Use the rake or even your hands to smooth out the soil once you have finished. Even if you use a professional like stump grinding Sydney, you will still have to do this task yourself.

Step 3

Layer the chipped wood. The chipped wood should be layered evenly over the ground until the entire area is completely covered. This can be done with a layer of chipped wood about three to four inches deep. Put them around your plants, making sure to reach the longest branches, to retain moisture and help prevent weeds from growing. Wood chips are effective mulch and will decompose over time, giving the soil additional nitrogen and enriching it.

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Step 4

Rake up the chipped wood each spring, because sunlight, rain or cold winters can wear them down over time. When spring comes you should remove the top inch or two of chipped wood and put down a fresh layer. If you continue to use chipped wood in your garden, you will notice that your plants and flowers are growing bigger and fuller, and al.

Step 5

You can also use a landscape fabric underneath the layer of chipped wood if you want to. This will give additional protection against weeds. Just roll the fabric out over the prepared soil, make holes in it for planting or so that you can work around plants, and then layer the chipped wood on top. That’s all there is to it!

Biography: Jake Hyet is considered a professional on tree surgery and the like having worked for a tree surgeon for many years. He writes all types of articles about the job of a tree surgeon and on topics like canopy tree wood chips and canopy tree stump grinding Sydney.

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