Green Tips for Energy Efficient Ways to Save Power

Green Tips for Energy Efficient Ways to Save Power

Some Neat Green Tips for Energy Efficient Ways to Save Power at Work (You really should make the effort)

Green Tips for Energy Efficient Ways to Save Power at Work

Guest Post By:  Jake Hyet

It may interest you to know that every minute; the United States uses nearly a million dollars worth of energy. While it’s easy to keep track of the amount of energy you use at home, it’s a lot harder to know how much you’re using at work. Any electrician will tell you that implementing small changes in your workplace and behaviour can add up to lots of savings for the company, which may lead to savings for you too. Here are some green tips for energy efficient ways to save power at work.

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Green Tips for Energy Efficient Ways to Save Power

Green Tips for Energy Efficient Ways to Save Power


Pros like electricians Brisbane will tell you to turn off your computer, or at least the monitor, when you know there are going to be lengthy periods of non-use. One of the simplest and best ways to conserve energy is to turn off equipment when it’s not being used. The Department of Energy recommends turning off your personal computer’s monitor if you’re not going to be using it for 20 minutes or longer. If you know you will be away from your computer for more than two hours you can save energy by switching off both the monitor and the computer itself. It’s understandable if turning off your computer completely isn’t right for your workplace, so many computers have a “sleep” or “power down” mode that can still save energy. Also unplug any equipment which isn’t being used for extended periods. This doesn’t just apply to computers but to any equipment in your workplace, such as fans, phone chargers and coffeemakers.


It’s an excellent idea to replace traditional light bulbs with energy-saving bulbs, as any electrician will tell you. There are some workplaces where all the lights are controlled by a single switch, so that all the lights have to be switched on even if light is only required in one area. Bad idea. Installing several switches prevents wasteful use of light, saving energy and lengthening the life of each light bulb. An additional option is to install motion sensors which automatically turn the lights off if no one is in a certain area. You can also assess the lights presently in use in your workplace. Are they all absolutely necessary? By taking the step of removing lights that are not necessary to requirements you will save energy.

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It’s been stated that about half of the energy used in office buildings goes for heating and cooling. Electricians Brisbane or any other professional electricians will tell you that this is no surprise. By successfully reducing this usage even it’s only by a small amount, you could make a noticeable dent in your workplace’s energy bills. During the winter time leave the blinds open on any south-facing windows to let the sun’s warmth contribute to heating the room. At night the blinds should be closed to minimize the amount of heat lost and also to reduce the energy needed to bring your workplace up to a comfortable temperature in the morning. In the summer time, use blinds to keep the excess heat of the sun out. You can also minimize the amount of heat coming into and exiting your workplace by installing a rotating door and making sure that any large freight doors are closed as soon as deliveries are made.

Biography: Jake Hyet is an expert on saving energy, having worked as static electrician independently, and for static electricians Brisbane. He has written extensively on the topic.

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Nick Tedesco

Reducing energy use and being more energy efficient are definitely the first steps to being a little greener with energy. The next step is to install solar panels on your home. It’s now cheaper than what many think.

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