6 Home Design Ideas to Help Conserve Energy

6 Home Design Ideas to Help Conserve Energy-

Discover 6 Home Design Ideas to Help Conserve Energy

Guest Post – Nate Broodie

When designing your home, you have to consider various aspects – from the colour of interior walls to number of bedrooms. For many, saving money is a primary concern. Building or designing an energy efficient home is an amazing way you can use to save money and at the same time have a beautiful home.

The following are top ideas to consider when designing your home in order to save energy costs:

Consider advanced house framing

Advanced house framing also goes by the name optimum value engineering. This is a specific technique where a house is constructed by using waste and less timber. Optimum value engineering helps you save energy by using more insulation and less wood. According to the State Department of Energy, using this technique can lower cost of material by between $500-$1000 for a house of 1200-2400 square foot. In addition to cutting labour costs by 3-5%, advanced house framing cuts cooling and heating costs by 5%.

Consider cool roofs

Cool roofs are designed to lower roofing temperatures and reflect sunlight. These roofs are made from a certain reflective material within roofing materials like paint, shingles, tiles, or other substances. As an effective form of saving energy, this technique is perfect for houses in warm climates. Houses in these regions have high air conditioning costs all year round.

6 Home Design Ideas to Help Conserve Energy

6 Home Design Ideas to Help Conserve Energy

Consider exterior doors

Never be in a rush to choose an exterior door for your home. Consider a door’s energy-performance ratings. This lets you know how incredible a door is in preserving your home’s energy. Green exterior doors trap heat or cool air inside. By carefully reviewing ratings, you will settle for the best door that helps you save energy and conserve the environment too.

Consider skylights

Skylights are a feature that comes to the minds of most home owners whenever they think of improving a home’s energy efficiency. They normally boast of countless benefits. It makes them perfect for any kind of home. Skylights normally improve house’s ventilation, lighting and heating.
If you opt to use this strategy, make sure that the skylights you use do not exceed 5% of your floor area in those rooms with a high number of windows and 15% of floor area in those rooms with less windows.

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Consider window treatments

Boring curtains not only drive your spouse crazy, but they also help reduce energy costs in the home. It is prudent to be specific when choosing window treatments. By doing so, you can reduce heat loss drastically. You will be able to keep cool air inside your home. A number of factors determine a window treatments’ energy efficiency. For instance, you ought to consider the colour and type of material treatment. You should also consider how it closes and opens.

Consider fans

By installing fans in your home, you save money and keep your home cool. Ceiling fans come in an array of colors, styles, and shapes. This helps you match the interiors of your home.


Nate Broodie is a qualified and respected interior designer. He is vastly informed about the various ways to cut down energy costs. Click here to find out more information on how to use home décor to conserve energy.

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