The History of Organic Gardening

The History Of Organic Gardening

The history of organic gardening goes back many centuries, as the ancient civilizations relied on this method of gardening and of course fishing to put meals on their tables.

The history of organic gardening

The history of organic gardening

Obviously in the early days, no one used fertilizers and pesticides however; as the world’s population became larger and larger, the need for food also increased.

To try and fill the gap, researchers began to introduce fertilizers and chemicals to cut the harvesting time and make the vegetables ever bigger.

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Organic vegetable gardening only made a come back in the 1980’s making an old practice new again when the United States division of Agriculture motivated farmers to do it by providing them rewards.

This encouraged more farmers to join the bandwagon; at that time, organic vegetable gardening was also being encouraged in Europe.

However, organic gardening is not just about stopping farmers and gardeners using fertilizers and pesticides.

Farmers will need to find other ways to make plant grows such as: compost, crop rotation, integrated pest management and mechanical cultivation in order to maintain soil performance and fight bugs.

The International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements is the regulatory authority these days which informs farmers around the world exactly how this should be achieved.

Their recommendations help crops grow in 75 million acres of land throughout the world.

Their methods are concentrated on sustainable agriculture advancement, so that the land we use today can be utilized by the next generation, as we will have left it for them in a good healthy ecological sustainable way.

Organic vegetable gardening has shown to be effective due to the fact that since its creation in 1980, various studies have pointed out that the quantity of corn and soybeans produced using this technique was almost exactly the same by comparison to those that utilized fertilizers and pesticides.

The best thing is, that this was attained without the need of very much energy and without the risk of having unsafe chemicals enter our bodies and eco-systems.

It has actually been estimated by one university that if developing nations, practiced natural organic vegetable cultivation, they would be able to increase the yield of their crops by as much as two or three times, without wasting cash on buying pesticides and fertilizers.

One thing you should bear in mind is that a lot of the vegetables being consumed in the United States are imported from various other nations.

Since, natural organic vegetable gardening is so easy to do, why not give it a go yourself, anyone can do it, if they put their mind to it.

This will allow you to grow your own vegetables in your own home instead of buying these from the supermarket, once you taste the difference from home-grown to shop bought, there will be no going back.

The history of organic gardening - Teach them young

The history of organic gardening – Teach them young

The trick to a successful harvest utilizing organic farming, is planning.

You will need the land to plant these on that has appropriate sunlight and an efficient drainage system so that they have the ability to get water.

  • Number one Tip – Form a group with like-minded neighbors
    • Reduce the work load
    • Share the benefits
    • Share the knowledge

Once you have worked that out, the only thing you have to worry about is what to plant because different vegetables require different conditions such as: soil type, light, drainage etc.

When you know what works you will save yourself a lot of time and money.

It takes the same time and money to do it right
as to do it wrong..!!

Enjoy organic gardening by focusing on what works.

The history of organic gardening has now come full circle as we are now doing exactly what the farmers of old were doing long before we were born.

You can do your part by buying organically grown vegetables your grocery store or growing your own.

The end result is that we will be eating healthier, reducing the amount of hazards entering our bodies and helping the eco-system.

The history of organic gardening is quite a fascinating subject I recommend checking out Wikipedia for further research.

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