Natural Pesticides for Vegetable Gardens

Organic Gardening with Natural pesticides for vegetable gardens

Organic gardening is the same as routine gardening with the exception that no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides are used so, natural pesticides for vegetable gardens is a must do!

Natural pesticides for vegetable gardens does not have to be as difficult as most gardeners think.

natural pesticides for vegetable gardens - vegetables
Natural pesticides for vegetable gardens

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Organic gardening additionally calls for more attention to the soil and the many requirements of the plants. Organic gardening begins with the earth that you will use to plant them in.

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Organic gardeners have to dig in organic matter to the earth frequently, in order to keep the ground productive. In fact, good organic garden compost is essential to the strength and well-being of plants grown naturally.

Natural pesticides fror vegetable gardens - vegetables 2
natural pesticides for vegetable gardens

Natural pesticides for vegetable gardens begins with your preparation, and composting is one of the most important aspects of organic gardening.

Compost can be made from leaves, dead flowers, veggie scraps, fruit rinds, grass clippings, manure, and lots of other things such as brown paper to add carbon.

The best soil has a dark color, sweet odor, and is full of earthworms.

Some soil could require even more natural additives than regular garden compost can provide, such as bone-meal, rock phosphates, or green-sand.


A simple test of your soil will give you the pH balance and show which nutrients you will have to add to improve the quality of your soil.


One thing that severely tests most gardeners however green and ardent they are about
organic gardening is pests on their plants.

The very best method to defend plants against bugs is to take preventative measures. One thing that can be done, is to make sure your plants are healthy and balanced and not too wet or dry because bugs normally attack unhealthy plants.

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Healthy plants, normally outgrow minor insect damages.

Planting a wide range of plants is a good idea to keep insects of certain plant types from trying to make a takeover bid for your garden. Maybe the best method to defend against pests is to make your yard tempting to insect predators, such as ladybugs, frogs, and lizards.

You can do this by keeping a water source nearby or by raising plants that draw in bugs who prey on nectar.

Other concepts are sticky traps, barriers, and plant collars.

There are some household items that can help in your fight against pests, like insecticidal soaps, garlic, and hot pepper.

natural pesticides for vegetable gardens - vegetables 3
Natural pesticides for vegetable gardens

To keep clear of poor plant conditions in natural gardening, select high resistant plants, and plant them while still in their prime condition.

Problems will certainly spread if you over-water and allow bad air circulation, so keep this in mind when you plan the layout of your garden.

Weeds can be an annoying and discouraging part of organic gardening.

Organic mulch can act as a weed barrier, but for better security put a layer of papers, or cardboard under the mulch (keeps the light away from the weed seeds).

Corn meal gluten will help slow the development of weeds if dispersed early in the season before planting, as does solarization.

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Of course you can use the old-fashioned art of hoeing and hand pulling; that always works. (If your back is up to it)!

Your best bet in weed prevention is do a little every day before the problems arise.

Mulch well, pull and hoe what you can; after a few periods you can easily defeat the weeds for good.

Organic gardening is an outstanding way to ensure that your plants will be free and clear of all pesticides.

If cared for well, your plants will provide you and your family, a healthy, well balanced, tasty and nutritious addition to your diet, with the added benefit of the knowledge you have been using natural pesticides for vegetable gardens.

Organic gardening may take a little more time and care than regular gardening, however after garden enthusiasts understand it and identify all the quirks of their garden, it is most definitely worth the additional time.

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