5 Organic Easy Baby Food Recipes

5 Organic Easy Baby Food Recipes Your Baby Will Thank You For…

There is no big secret to making your own toddlers food, regardless of the stereotype image that home-made toddlers food is for the kinds of moms who have a great deal of extra time and make everything from scratch.

5 Organic Easy Baby Food Recipes
5 Organic Easy Baby Food Recipes

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Making food for your baby can in fact be very easy, and in fact, it can be more convenient than purchasing the jarred type.

Below are 5 Organic Easy Baby Food Recipes for infants food dishes, that you can make at home.

- 5 Organic Easy Baby Food Recipes -
5 Organic Easy Baby Food Recipes

green check small1. Organic Raw fruit

This is a simple one. Merely peel soft, ripe fruits like peaches, pears, bananas, plums, and melon and mash them with a fork or run them through a blender. Children enjoy the taste of pure fruit without added sugar. Freeze leftovers in ice trays, then pop one or two cubes out, thaw, and serve. This technique of conservation works for nearly all home-made baby foods.

green check small2. Whole grain brown rice cereal

In a grain grinder or blender or food processor, grind quarter cup organic brown rice till it is a flour-like consistency. To prepare, bring 1 cup of distilled water to a boil and whisk in the brown rice “flour.” Simmer delicately for about a quarter hour, stirring regularly. Why not cool and flavor the hot grain with a few frozen fruit puree cubes explained above? You can likewise stir in a little breast-milk for taste, nutrition, and consistency. You can substitute ground, rolled oats for the brown rice for variation.

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green check small3. Yogurt

Packed with probiotics (“good bacteria”), yogurt is a fantastic baby food. You can make your own in a slow-cooker, flavor it however you like, and save a great deal of money! You will need:

  •  2 quarts of organic, non-ultra pasteurized milk
  •   1/2 cup plain, organic yogurt currently ready (you can utilize some from a previous batch of your  own, or a commercial brand name)
  •   Strong bath towels

Set your slow-cooker on low. Pour in the milk, cover, and leave it for two and a half hours. Turn off/unplug the slow-cooker. Leave the milk mix in it for three hours. Then, stir in the 1/2 cup of prepared yogurt and cover. Wrap the slow-cooker in strong bath towels – make certain to cover the top and sides. Leave eight to nine hours (over night). In the morning, the milk will have thickened and you have yogurt! Combine with the organic, mashed/pureed fruit of your choice.

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green check small4. Apple Sauce

This is one product that typically contains a great deal of extra sugar and/or chemicals when purchased from an shop. Here is an easy means to make applesauce for your infant.

Core and coarsely slice (but do not peel off) as many apples as you like (you will get about 1/4 cup of applesauce per apple). Put sliced apple into a steamer basket and steam for 10 minutes or till tender. Press the soft apples through a sieve or run them with a food mill. This gets a few of the nutrients from the peels into the applesauce.

green check small5. Chicken and vegetable soup

This is an excellent way to obtain a great deal of nutrients in one meal. You will require:

  • One big chicken breast, bone-in
  •   Two to three cups pure water
  •   pinch of salt
  •   pinch of chicken seasoning and/or bay leaf
  •   Three quarter cup of mixed veggies, such as peas, green beans, or carrots

Simmer all prepared ingredients in a saucepan for 20-30 minutes, or until veggies soften and chicken is cooked through. (You could do this in a slow-cooker or pressure cooker, too.) Remove and discard the bones, leaving just the flesh of the chicken. Slice, mash and/or puree the chicken and veggies and serve lukewarm.

That’s a list of 5 Organic Easy Baby Food Recipes but I’m sure you will find lots of other recipes from like-minded parents.

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