Solar Panels Cost

Solar Panels Cost a Fortune – Right…?

There isn’t a straight forward answer to that question; my best answer is:
They don’t have to, it depends more on how you go about it and if you are prepared to do any of the work yourself, so if you want to know how much solar panels cost, read on.

Solar panels cost - Neufrach

Solar panels cost – Neufrach
By Dietrich Krieger (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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Parish church St. Peter and Paul and St. Elisabeth, Salem-Neufrach, Bodenseekreis.
There are solar panels in form of a cross on the roof.

I was looking through the various posts on the; – solar panels cost – how much??? … Sites on the internet, and I found this one below that has good information and is worth your time to read through if you are interested in creating a more energy efficient home.

Costs of Turning Your Home Solar
By Kris Walker

Fossil fuels such as coal and oil are depleting at an alarming rate, causing many countries to look for alternative resources.

Solar energy represents one of the collection of various renewable energy sources and in contemporary society, solar energy is being harnessed not just for use in industries and commercial buildings but also in our homes.

The power of the sun can now help fuel homes in many parts of the world.

All a home owner requires is to have solar panels installed onto the roof of their homes to catch and store solar energy.

This energy is converted to electricity or solar photovoltaic, and for solar water heating, enabling the home owner to become almost if not entirely independent of traditional energy.

There are always stipulations and the key to getting the most out of this alternative source of energy can be simply be down to location.

If you are like me and live under a cloud, you may not get the benefits so ideally, it is always good to be located in a region that gets a lot of sunshine!

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Solar panels cost effective idea – why not build your own?

We intend on giving you all the help and the most current up to date information on – How to live a more Eco-Friendly way of life.

But, on occasion there will be areas that will need more specialist and technical advice and that is when we will make a recommendation on where to find more detailed specialist information and some extra help!

How to build your own solar panels falls into this bracket.

While researching the subject of: are solar panels worth it and solar power kits, I found a really useful guide that may be of interest to you.

If you would to learn more about – ‘how to build solar panels’, I have provided a link below –

Check out –>> Build your own solar panels and start making a difference to our world, for the better.

A house facing the south would be ideal as well.

Types of Solar Technology
There are two types of domestic solar technology:

Solar PV (photovoltaic) – This type is used to generate electricity.
Solar thermal- This type is used to heat water.

Components of PV System
The following is a list of components found in a basic PV system:

  • PV panels: These are the most important and expensive part of the system.
  • They can cost from $2.40 per watt to about $5 per watt. Placement and mounting of the panels must be done precisely by authorized personnel so that the PV system provides optimal performance.
  • Mounting equipment: The panels must be mounted to get maximum sunshine throughout the year. It must be strong to last at least 25 years or more.
Solar panels cost - solar panel cooker

Solar panels cost – solar panel cooker
Villagers like this woman in Zouzugu, Ghana, prevent dracunculiasis and other waterborne diseases by pasteurizing water in a solar cooker

The Cost of Making Homes Solar

The exact cost of a solar power system varies depending on several factors such as different types and sizes of roof, as well as the different energy needs of individual homes.

If a home has a hot tub and an electric car, the home would probably need a larger solar system than a neighboring home of the same size and style.

Solar panel manufacturers state that an average solar system including panels and installation can cost anywhere between $10,000 and $20,000.

Studies reveal that the average home uses about 3,400kWh/y, so a 2.5kWp system would provide little above half the power needed for the average home.

Benefits of Solar Homes

The main advantage of a solar power system installation would be that it offers a reduction in the cost of electric.

The other key benefits are as follows:

  • Solar heating systems use free heat from the sun
  • The excess power produced by the PV system can be sold to the utility company, giving the home owner an opportunity for some profit in the long term
  • No dirty fossil fuel toxins
  • No power outages in storms
  • Solar panels are sturdy and have a long service life
  • The surface of the panel is coated with a protective film and rainwater usually washes any dirt and dust away
  • Only minimal maintenance is required to ensure the panels are dust-and debris-free
  • Helps reduce the carbon footprint
  • Solar systems are green, renewable heating systems that can reduce carbon dioxide emissions

The solar panels cost of US home owners using these systems enjoy generous 25-year government feed-in tariffs (FIT), or subsidies, which literally mean solar panel owners get paid to own them.

This scheme was introduced to encourage ‘green’ power.

Solar power is definitely a viable option and home owners can benefit in the long run especially if local governments provide good incentives and subsidies.

Full article at… Costs of Turning Your Home Solar – AZoCleantech

Remember: We all need to start making an effort towards greater sustainability and what better way than saving yourself a bundle of cash which will only get bigger as the years roll by, so what’s holding you back?

Check out –>> build your own solar panels, and start making a difference to our world, for the better.

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