Organic Compost Tea Recipe

Organic Compost Tea Recipe

Composting is often considered the most significant part of organic gardening and can be accomplished with very little exertion. Adding organic compost to your garden will improve it’s structure and water holding capacity enormously.

Organic Compost Tea Recipe

Organic Compost Tea Recipe

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A good organic compost tea recipe also gives you aeration for soils that contain too much clay or sand. You do not need a fancy container or compost bin to create your own compost either. All you need is an out of the way spot in your garden and a garden fork.

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Organic compost tea can improve the growth and health of your vegetables without using harmful fertilizers and pesticides. Give your plants a sip of compost tea and just watch them grow. You will need the following items shown in this video to complete this easy homemade compost tea. In just a couple days you will be serving up a nutritious tea to your plants.

Thought I would share with all of you how I make compost tea in a five gallon bucket. Compost tea is one of the best ways to feed your plants and also the soil.

Pour the tea into a watering can and apply to your vegetable or flower plants. It is safe to sprinkle it on the foliage and the soil surrounding your plants. You may use organic compost tea every two weeks to give your plants a boost of beneficial nutrients and energy.

The Taste of the mediterranean

The Taste of the Mediterranean

Our kitchens are the center of activity so when we are composting our kitchen scraps we want our kitchens to be odor free from our composting pail or crock.

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Many families today are recycling their kitchen scraps to create organic compost for their gardens. Now is the time to join the revolution and if you have children get them to join in, you’ll be surprised how quickly they get the hang of everything. They may even start to badger you to become more green.

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