Natural Weed Killer – Win the War Organically

Win your constant battle in the garden with a natural weed killer!

You do not need to pour dangerous chemicals onto your lawn or yard to eliminate weeds, just use a natural weed killer.

natural weed killer

Natural weed killer for a healthy garden

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Making use of a natural herbicide entails the weeds, not you, get poisoned, so an organic weed killer is the safe option!

Natural weed killer - For finest produce

Natural weed killer – For finest produce

Right: here are some ideas of ways to rid your lawn and vegetable plot of weeds without any of the threats connected to your well-being; that are associated with artificial chemical weed killers.

  • Salt

Put about a quarter of a teaspoon of table salt around the base of the weed.

This is enough to kill the weed, however the quantity is small enough that the water to salt solution will reduce it’s strength sufficiently so as not to damage the plants you are nurturing and want to keep.

This is likewise efficient for gravel driveways.

You can sprinkle more copious amounts here, as long as the driveway is not situated so that the salty run-off would damage your desirable plants.

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  • Plastic bags

This is an excellent method to recycle used black plastic bags.

Lay the bags over the weeds and weight them down with rocks, heavy sticks, bricks, etc, a good organic weed killer, and recycling at the same time, what more could you want.

After about two weeks, remove the plastic to disclose almost bare earth, – amazing!

  • Boiling Hot Steaming Water

Easy and cheap, pouring boiling water onto weeds is effective.

It is so efficient, in fact, that you should be careful not to get the steaming water on any plants you wish to keep, including your lawn.

  • Vinegar

White or cider vinegar can be used straight on weeds, put over the leaves and into the ground.

You could likewise put it in a spray container and add a quarter of a teaspoon of essential oil of clove and/or cinnamon per quart.

The clove/cinnamon vinegar mixture is highly efficient against poisonous ivy.

Whether making use of vinegar on its own or with the oils, you should re-apply it each week to ten days for some time.

Vinegar eliminates only the weed’s upper parts, so regular applications are needed to wear down the weed’s resources so that the root gives out and perishes, too.

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  • Newspaper

Like the plastic bags mentioned above, paper can be laid over weeds and weighted down.

Make use of the full “area” of newspaper so that it is good and thick. This deprives the weeds of light and air, and of course the newspaper is also biodegradable.

  • Vodka

Vodka works as a weed killer – Yes, Really. (Although to be honest, I can’t bring myself to use this method of natural weed killer).

If however; you do want to give it a go, here is the method:

Mix about 3 tablespoons of vodka with 2 cups of water in a spray bottle.

Spray the leaves well with this solution, and the alcohol will dry out the leaves out so they will die.

  • Borax

This can be found in the laundry area of your local shop, and is a kind of salt.

Mix 5 tea-spoons of borax with 1 quart of water and use as a spray.

  • Remove Manually by Hand

While this takes real strenuous effort, simply eliminating weeds by pulling them out is really efficient, and natural weed killer.

Obviously, you could combine both methods;  manual removal, mixed in with a few of the above solutions for the ultimate natural weed killer.

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If you are handling poison ivy: wear appropriate clothing and cover your hands, eyes, mouth, and nose before trying any form of removal, and thoroughly clean your clothes afterward.

If you have an ivy growing on a maturing a tree, utilize a sharp saw (such as a bow saw) to cut the hairy stem in half. From the upward cut, the vine will perish.

“Keep in mind, that you do not compost weeds or you will rediscover them back in your garden, sooner or later.”

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