Eco Friendly Holidays Queensland

Eco Friendly Holidays Queensland – Great Keppel Island

If you have ever been to the Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, Australia: then this might inspire you to return for another eco friendly holiday.

Eco friendly holidays Queensland - Great Keppel Island beach

Great Keppel Island beach

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$600 million eco-resort comes a step closer

BY:  ANGELA SAURINE From: News Limited Network

A $600 million eco-resort on Great Keppel Island in Queensland has come a step closer with the release of an environmental impact statement.

If the re-development is approved it will see a low-rise eco-tourism resort built over a 12 year period and will be the first major tourist development on the Great Barrier Reef in decades.

Tourism Queensland CEO said: the resort would bring hundreds of jobs and millions of dollars into the region and be a huge show of confidence in the future of the state’s $18 billion tourism industry.

Eco friendly holidays Queensland - Shelving Beach

Queensland – Shelving Beach

Developer Tower Holidays closed the original, iconic resort – which was known as a hedonistic singles party island – after buying it.

Its plans were scuttled by the Federal Government on environmental concerns three years ago and developers said government red tape was holding back investment in the industry.

Queensland’s tourism industry has struggled in the past two years following natural disasters such as the Brisbane floods, Cyclone Yasi and the Japan tsunami leading to a decline in tourists from one of the state’s biggest source markets.

More at… The Australian

I wish the Sunshine State all the luck with it’s endeavors.

The planet and it’s eco-systems are relying on more such enterprises.

Eco friendly holidays Queensland - Planigale maculata

Planigale maculata

The common planigale (Planigale maculata), also known as the pygmy planigale or the coastal planigale, is one of many small marsupial carnivores known as “marsupial mice” found in Australia.

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I found a very interesting article on eco friendly holidays Queensland and reprinted it below.

I think you’ll find it well worth a read.

The term ecotourism was coined many years ago and the concept has gradually developed over the years. Eco travel has become more popular lately, partly thanks to the growing consumer interest in green alternatives.

Tourism can be damaging to areas when visitors do not respect their environment so a number of travel operators are looking for new ways to promote ecotourism and conservation in a number of destinations. The concept behind ecotourism aims to encourage travelers to be respectful towards their hosts and environment in general when travelling. Travelers are encouraged to get involved in conservation projects and take care not to let their presence in a region have a detrimental effect to the area or local people.

There are no fixed rules when it comes to eco tourism and eco holidays of all kinds are now available. An example of an eco holiday could be staying in some kind of off the grid facility or one where guests were encouraged to use energy and water saving devices to reduce their carbon footprint.
Others could involve visiting areas that have been the victim of a natural or man made disaster, where you can get involved by getting hands on with local conservation projects of all kinds. Eco holidays give travelers the opportunity for personal development and to develop an understanding of other cultures and customs. For a truly enriching holiday, try to get to know a place and its people in as much depth as possible.

There are a range of low impact activity eco holidays available, including adventure holidays, surfing and hiking, or alternatively you could go on an eco friendly safari holiday. When you are travelling you can assist local people to support themselves by always choosing to buy local produce and products rather than imported alternatives. This can make a real difference to communities that are finding it difficult to compete with the big tourist businesses that often often choose not to employ local people and do nothing to benefit local people. Buying imported items when on holiday does not help to support local businesses in the same way.

Many agencies providing eco trips and packages set aside a part of their profits to funding local conservation projects. This funding is hugely beneficial to the areas that receive it. It is a great feeling to depart a place you have enjoyed spending time in, knowing that you made a positive contribution during your stay.

If you are attracted to the idea of travelling in a way that respects the local people and helps to take care of the environment, then start planning your next holiday as an eco trip.

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