Advantages Disadvantages Solar Energy

The Advantages Disadvantages Solar Energy – at Home

Solucar PS10 is the first solar thermal power plant based on tower in the world that generates electricity in a commercial way.

Advantages Disadvantages Solar Energy - PS10 solar power tower

By afloresm  [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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>>> Advantages Disadvantages Solar Energy

Possibly, the advantages-disadvantages solar energy debates tend to  focus on, are costs and business interests; global sustainability generally gets pushed to the back.

Maybe the greatest argument that could be leveled about needing to make use of fossil and nuclear fuel is our dependancy on it.

Worldwide global warming, though a real and severe threat, is it really something that we should be concerned about?

On an individual basis nothing much can be done about it as it will take intense political will, if it is to be taken care of efficiently: and in the meantime, other nations are not working together to solve the problem.

However, the option between standard and alternative sources of energy, that is something many of us can easily choose to do, if we want to make a difference to our planet.

Solar energy is plentiful and is cost-free.

Advantages Disadvantages Solar Energy - Solar power street lights in KabulSolar power being used to to power the street lights in Kabul

We can count on the sun to rise tomorrow and the day after that.

Oil and natural gases on the other hand are non eco-friendly, once the source taps out, it is gone for good.

Sure there are other areas that could still be tapped into; however, without doubt they will run out too.

Solar energy does not pollute the air.

The heat generated from the sunshine cleanses the atmosphere and preserves the earth’s eco balance.
Not so with oil.

>>> Advantages Disadvantages Solar Energy

Oil and all its derivatives, produce pollutants on a massive scale.

In fact, did you know initially for the oil to be refined and supply a home with electrical energy for a year, 22,000 pounds of carbon monoxide will have to be produced.

Solar energy photovoltaic panels are silent operators.

Except maybe for the technical devices that are created into the panels so it can track the sunlight, from the collection of the sunlight rays to its photovoltaic conversion, they provide neither a peep nor a squeak.

It is a massive distinction from the cacophony of huge drills and pumps that are made use of, to extract oil from the ground.

Advantages Disadvantages Solar Energy - Solar dynamic power satellite

Care for the solar panels is very small. Except for the mechanical parts that are optional, virtually no maintenance is needed.

Once it is set up nothing much will be the cause for concern.

The energy that is acquired is free. With oil there is no telling just what the next pump price would be and when.

Oil, being a raw material and a global commodity, it greatly depends on market forces for it’s price.

Courtesy: Nasa

Frequently we see more and more volatility in pricing because of unrest and uncertainty.

The Disadvantages of Solar Energy

The expense associated with the installation of photovoltaic panels, while solar energy is free of cost, the costs of installment can prevent people from taking the plunge into a greener environment.

New solar energy generating systems are costly.

>>> Advantages Disadvantages Solar Energy

Although it tends to pay off overtime, initial cash outlay might range into a number of thousands depending on the quality and volume of power a family or an establishment might need.

While solar energy innovation has actually been around from the 1950’s onwards, it is only in recent years that its development has really moved on.

While prices of installment could additionally be subjective, relying on the buying ability of a customer, the advantages that could be acquired out of it is substantial, although mostly in unquantifiable terms.

For mass usage, distribution lines are needed and this remains a big concern.

Old circulation lines used to transfer electricity and additional methods of fuel into residences are obstructed in many areas, so to deliver solar energy power into the houses of consumers will need a different technique.

Be that as it may, the advantages from renewable energy far exceeds its disadvantages.

>>> Advantages Disadvantages Solar Energy

It is an optimal source of energy that could quickly become the norm in power generation.

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  1. There are various benefits of solar energy. The most important benefit of a solar energy system is that heat which we got from sun’s ray decreases our dependency on fossil fuels and other sources of energy. Thanks for this interesting blog.

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