Zero Energy Homes

How Do Zero Energy Homes Work?

(ZEH)  Zero energy homes, generally means a house where all the households energy needs are provided by alternative sources.

zero energy homes - wind farm turbines

Wind farm turbines

People often confuse the meaning; thinking it means ‘No Electricity’ usage.

Because of the residential status of these types of homes, solar panels and solar water heating schemes are the typical kind of power used by these dwellings.

Wind turbines for regular residential homelife are rare in most residential districts.

Obviously, all zero energy homes will require some form of back-up support.

Because of the ever-changing needs in power consumption in the average zero energy homes:

  • Sudden cold snap
  • Heat Wave
  • Extra washing, laundry and cleaning (Due to an Influx of visitors)

Zero energy homes aren’t  totally off the grid because the sun cannot always be relied upon to shine and levels of power can often change because of circumstances beyond our control.

In reality, zero energy homes stay linked up to the utility grid, and often operate in net metering.

Now this is one of the most beneficial parts; when you use net metering, it entails that, both the power you use from the grid and the amount you put back into the grid are calculated.

zero energy homes - hybrid power system

Hybrid Power System

Since an electricity meter can gyrate forward or backward, the householder gets accredited for the power he or she puts back into the grid, which stands you in good stead against those times when you need back-up support.

How do zero energy homes (ZEH) work?

As we have seen above, a photovoltaic solar power scheme is used for electricity power generation.

The water is heated by a passive, solar-thermal system.

Passive systems, as the name suggests, do not use electrical power to heat the water.

They merely accumulate the sun’s energy and employ it to heat the water.

Power requirements are mostly offset or replaced for warming, chilling, lighting, and appliances.

What other things are needed in a zero energy home?

There are ZEH builders that use sunshades over the windows and large eaves to stop intense summer sunshine but allow in sunshine in the winter.

The windows of a ‘ZEH’ are extra-thick, as is the insulating material.

Fanlights provide most of the interior light and the solar panels are on the roof, so the angle and location of the dwelling are given careful consideration by the builders.

How Do You aquire a Zero Energy Home?

Nowadays there are many specialist builders who are professionals in their industry.

A short search on Google will get you started.

Of course if you are skilled in DIY, you could try and do it yourself and change your present house into a zero energy home.

Good Luck, if you go that route!

Whilst, in theory, a conventional dwelling could be changed into a ZEH, the essence of zero energy homes is that it is built from the ground up.

This is because the architects integrate a lot of “tricks” and design elements within the dwelling’s walls, roof, and so on that would be out of the question to insert into an existing house.

Well, I hope you found this article of interest and will spur you on towards more research on the subject.

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