Solar Energy Facts for Kids

Solar Energy Facts for Kids and a Brilliant Solar Light Show

This post is for some of the younger visitors to our site, although I’m sure anyone would find it interesting, I hope so anyway!

One of the finest forms of creations of nature,where the equilibrium between the sky and water exists,and make a natural harmony,on which people can understand the values of submerging themselves into the vastness of that showering orange beams of the supreme magnetic power(sun),the ultimate power of all sources,coexist and refreshes human mind and their activities…. Author Tomstoy.A.A Courtesy – wikimedia

Solar energy facts for kids - Sunset

The Sun – ultimate power of all sources

Solar energy facts for kids is one of several posts we will be publishing for the younger visitor; we need to get as many people interested in green issues and environmental problems as early as possible.

This video below from NASA is absolutely amazing; it shows some of the most breathtaking views from space I have ever seen, be prepared to be awestruck

And now for something completely different!

This video is a real education in how you can make a difference to the environment in your every day pursuits: from using more eco friendly light bulbs, turning the temperature controls down a few notches, switching off electrical appliances when not in use, more economic ways to use transport, turning lights out when you leave a room, the list goes on, but you will get the message from this very clever silent movie.

Solar energy facts for kids is quite a large topic and one we will re-visit many times in the future as new information and discoveries are made.

For the the more senior visitors to our site, maybe you will find this Schematic of great interest.

A schematic of a plant microbial fuel cell

Unlike most microbial fuel cells, Plant microbial fuel cells allow the generation of electricity from living plant matter.

1= leaves take up CO2, and release O2
2= plant roots generate rhizodeposits (C3H2O6)
3= microorganisms take up rhizodeposits, and generate 3a, 3b, 3c
3a= CO2
3b= electrons
3c= H
3d= O2
3e= H2O
4a= cathode material (graphite granules + graphite felt) connected to wire
4b= anode material (graphite felt) connected to wire
5= cation exchange membrane; connects to 6 via wire
6= energy store (ie electrochemical battery, …)
7= electricity

Well that’s it for this post,I hope you found solar energy facts for kids of some benefit in your quest for greater knowledge, if so please leave your thoughts in our comment box below and please click the share button.


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