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Nemesis Fastest Electric Car – Breaks UK Record

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Solar Vehicles – Could this be the future?

I’m not sure quite where this particular news fits in to a Greener more sustainable future for transport – maybe for the electric car we will just have to call it research and development – although I’m not really sure being able to go at 150mph will actually get us there any quicker, Greener Transport I mean!

‘Nemesis’ electric car breaks UK land-speed record

A battery-powered car has broken the UK land-speed record for electric vehicles at Elvington airfield near York, its makers have said.

The Nemesis, a heavily-modified Lotus Exige which was originally bought off eBay, clocked an average speed of 151.6mph (244km/h).

The car was designed and built by a team of British motor sport engineers in Norfolk, and driven by estate agent Nick Ponting, 21, from Gloucestershire.

The old record was 137mph (220km/h).

The vehicle clocked 151.607mph during two runs along the mile-long course.

‘Conditions perfect’
During an earlier attempt it managed an average speed of 148.419mph

Mr Ponting said: “It was brilliant. The car felt really good. The conditions were perfect.

“We’ve smashed the record and then gone and done a second run and done it again.

More at … ‘Nemesis’ electric car breaks UK land-speed record – BBC News

I look back to some of the not so perfect testing times, for the Nemesis electric car.

John Vidal meets Dale Vince, the man behind the British electric sports car with hopes of taking on America’s Tesla Roadster.

Well, now you see just how unpredictable super cars can be.

Still you have to give people ten out of ten for putting their money where their mouth is; no pain no gain, as they say!

Can you imagine the planet we live in, if we had all electric transport now?

The SILENCE would be deafening!

What are your views on the electric car, do you think it will ever happen?

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