Eco Friendly Window Cleaning

Would you like to make – Your Own Non-Toxic, Eco friendly window cleaning solution?

You wouldn’t think that cleaning windows could be a pursuit that posed any possible dangers (not unless you fell off of the ladder of course).

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Eco friendly window cleaning

Eco friendly window cleaning

But there are potentially damaging chemicals such as solvents in commercial window cleaners, and each time you use them you are inhaling toxic chemicals, getting them on your skin, and putting them into the environment.

Besides, commercial window cleaners rarely provide the streak-free results they advertise.

Home-made recipes for window cleaners are not new; people needed to clean glass windows long before commercial sprays arrived.

However, home-made Eco friendly window cleaning solutions is a novel idea to many people of this generation.

This is one of those times that looking to the past could resolve some of our current issues.

Below are some economical, easy-to-make recipes for effective window cleaners.

You probably have some of these active ingredients on hand.

If not, these items are very affordable and they are diluted with water so they last a long. time.

  • Vinegar

No list of home-made cleansing items would be total without some. mention of vinegar, a germ killer and grease cutter in one.

White vinegar (not cider, balsamic or any of the other various vinegars) is responsible for that streak-free, clear glass we all want for our windows.

To give your windows a sparkling clean with just vinegar and water:

1 teaspoon/up to 1 tablespoon vinegar per 2 cups of water (don’t go too heavy on the vinegar as it could cause fogging).

Another option would be to integrate this mixture with: Liquid soap

To the above vinegar-water mixture, include 1/2 teaspoon Castile soap or various other naturally degradable fluid soaps.

Spray on, wipe with a soft fabric, to remove the cleaning solution.

Just using soap and water is a popular choice, as well:

Mix 1 tbsp Castile soap, which is made from saponified veggie oils and therefore ecologically friendly, with 2 cups of water.
Saturate a sponge in this soapy water and apply  liberally to windows.
Make use of a squeegee to remove any surplus cleaning solution and wipe dry with crumpled newspaper or a soft fabric.

Eco friendly window cleaning 1

Eco friendly window cleaning lady

  • Soda water

Possibly, you have actually heard of soda water’s ability to remove stains.

But did you know, it can also be utilized to clean windows?

Mix 1 tablespoon white vinegar per cup of club soda and spray onto windows.

Using a soft cloth or crumpled paper, polish the glass to get streak-free windows.

Keep in mind that the best time to clean your windows is when they are cool – not when they are in direct sunlight.

If windows are in direct sunlight, glass cleaner (home-made or commercial) is likely to leave streaks or fogginess on the glass.

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Myke O Neill

Eco friendly window cleaning – Don't try this at home!

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I know one Manchester primarily based excessive climb window clean-up agency in which positively recruits rock and roll climbers. Significantly someone associated with acquire will this specific and he was observed instructing hiking throughout NZ. Cleanup home windows throughout Manchester with regard to “height” fearless can be quite worthwhile.

window cleaning

This page truly has all the info I wanted about this
subject and didn’t know who to ask.

Residential Cleaning Company

You are so cool! I don’t believe I have read through something like that before.

W. Charles

I would like that for sure. Thanks for sharing and helping me clean the best way I can :)

Jane Brown

I absolutely agree with you! Vinegar is the best! I use it in a combination with baking soda and lemon juice/or essential oil of lemon. That is how I make my all purpose cleaner. I use it to clean the windows or all the kitchen appliances. Thank you for sharing this helpful info! Keep up the great work!

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