1001 Vinegar Tips

1001 Vinegar Tips? – Not quite, but I’m sure together we could compile them!

I’ve been scouring the net for items of interest that we could all put to instant use, in the quest for a greener more sustainable environment.

1001 vinegar tips - fish-and-chips

1001 vinegar tips – fish-and-chips – number 1 tip

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And what do you think I found – VINEGAR – I’m sure with very little effort we could come with 1001 vinegar tips that would make a difference to our eco friendly approach to green living.

If you have anything to add to ‘1001 vinegar tips’; put your tips at the end of this post.

Vinegar – an earth friendly alternative to many chemicals

You can reduce the number of environmentally harsh and toxic chemicals used around your home by replacing them with more earth friendly, cheap and common substances such as vinegar.

Here are a bunch of handy vinegar tips to get you started.

Most table vinegar’s contain around 5 percent acetic acid. The most common types are White (usually made from corn) Malt (barley), Red Wine, white wine and apple cider vinegar.

Of these, probably the most versatile for non-consumption purposes is White vinegar.

White vinegar is incredibly cheap, particularly when bought in bulk and has a long shelf life.

Important note:
It appears that some brands of white vinegar may be derived from petroleum (crude oil) and fossil fuel products.  
It’s important to check the label or with the manufacturer to ensure that the brand you buy doesn’t.

Handy vinegar tips

Note: spot test before going all out with any of the cleaning related tips below.

  •  To remove calcium buildup on kettles and electric jugs, boil the kettle with half a cup of white vinegar and leave to soak for a while. Rinse with fresh water, reboil with same and your kettle should now be calcium deposit free.
  • Place a small container of vinegar in your toilet and bathroom to eliminate odors.
  • A half cup of vinegar added to a toilet bowl left overnight removes bowl odor.
    The smell of the vinegar will also dissipate overnight.
  • A cotton ball soaked in vinegar and applied to bruises for an hour is said to speed up the healing process.
  • Vinegar on minor burns and many sorts of stings can alleviate pain.
  • For cleaning your dishwasher, vinegar frozen into ice cubes, then a couple added to the bottom of the dishwasher just prior to a cycle is an effective alternative to using heavy chemical cleaners.
  • Old, stiff paintbrushes can be revived by dipping them into heated white vinegar for a couple of hours, followed by a rinse in soapy water. Beats using turpentine!
    1001 vinegar tips - Green Ant

    Eco friendly way to keep ants out of your home 1001 vinegar tips.

  • Use it as a broad leaf weed killer – spray it undiluted onto the leaves of weeds, being careful to avoid plants you wish to keep. A mix of vinegar and salt can be used to keep weeds and grass out of driveway cement joins.
  • For pet owners, white vinegar poured onto pet urine mishaps on carpets, then blotted up with paper towel will prevent staining and odor.
  • Spray a 50/50 mix of vinegar and water onto soap scum on shower screens, leave sit then wipe or rinse off.
  • Vinegar can be used as a fabric softener by adding half the amount of vinegar as you would of your usual softening agent.
  • Vinegar can also be used as a glass cleaner either mixed with water or used neat in a spray bottle.
  • Use full strength vinegar to polish chrome and stainless steel.
  • Use a 50/50 vinegar and water mix to clean your iron. Add the mixture to your iron and allow it steam itself clean.
  • Ants hate vinegar; so spray it around doorways and other areas they frequent to repel them.

… not to mention vinegar is great for chips and salad dressings.

Article by: Michael Bloch…  Green Living Tips.com

Absolutely amazing, I find it quite incredible to discover so many things you can do with every day common items we already have in our homes.

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