Save the Planet

We Need to Recycle to Save the Planet from Melt-Down…!

If we want to leave our planet in a fit and habitable condition for the generations still to come, we really have no other choice but to try and save the planet from all the mindless actions that take place daily on a global basis!

Save the Planet

Save the Planet

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When you watch the news or read the newspapers, there is doom and gloom almost every where you look:

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  • Global warming
  • Acid Rain
  • Landfill sites exhausted


The list goes on and on, but why should we recycle to save the planet, will it ever make any real difference to anything?

The answer is: because green living has to become a way of life for the good of us all and the generations still to come.

So, what actually is recycling?

Basically, it means re-using the things we already have so we don’t have to keep producing more and more things to just throw them away.

Makes sense, don’t you think!

Grey Living vs. Green Livingyou choose!

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Serious Air Pollution

Help the environment and Save the Planet by Recycling

Obviously the first priority is to start helping the environment where you live and encourage your friends, family and neighbors to join in to make a difference.

For information on what to do, try checking out your local library or town hall; they will generally be able to give you pamphlets and leaflets with all the relevant information you need.

There are so many small things you can do that will make a difference such as:

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  • Turning off lights when you leave a room
  • Lowering your heating by a degree or two
  • Use friendlier modes of transport
  • Buy locally grown produce
  • Take showers instead of baths


You will find a huge number of ways to improve your efforts of recycling, when you begin your drive to, green living; and start working on ideas to save the planet.

The United States of America, produces 390 billion pounds of garbage each and every year, and the job of finding places to dispose of it, is a serious environmental and economic challenge.

See the video below for an insight into the challenges involved
in our quest to save the planet.

To see the video in full screen, click on the arrrows in the bottom right corner.

Start your recycling efforts at home.

We can all play our part in the endeavors to save our planet for future generations.
However small the part you play in recycling, when combined with the efforts of everybody else playing their part: it makes a huge difference on a global scale.

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  • A good place to begin, is to get the family actively involved
  • Rewards for the younger ones maybe, to get things underway
  • It’s about adopting good sound practices, until they become second nature


Remember, good habits are the same as bad habits, they are something you did habitually until they became second nature, so start working on building up green habits.

I understand most schools these days have programs to teach the benefits of recycling so it would be a good idea to check on their advice.

Many people believe that it’s a hard undertaking to coordinate a recycling center at home; but with some creativity and planning it can be fairly easy to do.

Just think how much better you will feel about yourself, playing your part to take care of the environment and maybe helping to save the planet for the future generations still to come.

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Have a contest to see which class (freshman, shompoores, juniors seniors) can collect the most recycling.Have designated days to clean up the environment, whether that’s the school, a park or the city.Have mini exhibits about recylcing and sustainabilty they could be rotated every month or so could be featured in the office, library, display cases, etc.Have fundraisers (barbeques, bake sales, etc.) with zero waste (they make paper plates utensils made from corn that biodegrade) to raise money for things like recycling bins.Hold recycling drives on certain days for things like plastic bottles to old cell phones ink cartidges.Hand out energy efficient light bulbs like CFLs LEDs.Participate in rallies to raise awareness.Plant native drought-resistant trees, flowers shrubs at your school around the community to cut down water costs.Do composting at your school do outreach programs/classes to educate the community.Plant a fruit/vegetable garden at your school to encourage others to grow their own food eat more fruits vegetables. Students could also be allowed to pick their own to make salads such.Good luck with all your efforts. Was this answer helpful?


    Very good, thanks for your input.
    Some interesting suggestions.

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