Recycling for Kids Toys

Recycling for Kids

Recycling for Kids Toys – Let’s Start looking at their Playthings!

One of the greatest blunders mom’s and dads make, specifically in the time when their household is full of young children, is to acquire more playthings than their youngsters are able to play with.

The kids just become totally overwhelmed and the toys lose any merit, as they are so easy to acquire and just as easy to replace when they get bored. (Easy come – easy go).

“Not really a great start for a greener environment.”

recycling for kids toys

Soldiers – recycling for kids toys

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Monkey-accordion - recycling for kids

Monkey Accordionist

When young children are in their play area, spilling over with toys they frequently retreat, not sure where to begin because of such an excessive choice.

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So, often spend more time having fun with the box they came in.

I know I certainly did when I was a youngster.

It is necessary to purchase playthings that are durable and will last for a reasonable time.
Wood is an excellent material for toys but do make sure it’s: FSC-certified.
You won’t have to bother with harmful toxins when the youngster is teething and also the benefit is that it can last for a number of generations (enhancing that recycling for kids idea).

Fire engine - recycling for kids - daily green post

Fire engine – recycling for kids toys – daily green post

Fewer well-made toys will be a much better gift than more of low quality materials and workmanship.
What’s the sense in investing hard earned cash on a little something that is made so poorly it breaks down after the first time out of the box?

Bear in mind the age of the young child when acquiring a plaything.
Don’t give your children toys and games that are out of their age group. They only get frustrated at not be able to use it or end up breaking them; either way an unpleasant experience.

Remember, when you are recycling for kids, selling your children’s unwanted toys or outgrown toys on eBay, yard-sales etc, is a good way to recoup a little of your money while living a more green and eco-friendly way.

Here are a few pointers when choosing toys and games for your kids:

  • Durability
  • Quality
  • Workmanship
  • Sustainability
  • Age Proof

We can all make a difference to a greener environment; let’s start by recycling for kids toys, with their toys – number one on the list.

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