Organic Health and Beauty Reviews

Organic Health and Beauty Reviews

Here at the Daily Green Post, we always like to look at alternative methods to keep us healthy and looking beautiful (I wish), so it’s always interesting to come across stories of people who are trying to make a real difference to the way we look after ourselves; using greener more sustainable ingredients, especially for organic skincare.

Organic Health and Beauty reviews picture

Organic Health and Beauty reviews

Here is an interesting article from Forbes:

Organic health and beauty

When Kara Errickson learned she was pregnant back in 2008, she started taking a harder look at the labels on the few personal care products she was using.

Though she never considered herself a “cosmetics girl” who obsessed over her hair or nails, the number of unpronounceable, unsafe and even toxic ingredients contained in the soaps and lotions she used on a daily basis startled her.

“The average American uses 10 personal care products on a daily basis which exposes them to 126 different cosmetic chemicals,” she said, citing a report by the Environment Working Group.

Inspired by the idea that she could help change that, Errickson and her husband, Tyler, whom she met attending the Rhode School of Design, tapped their joint experience in designing with natural materials to found SkinFare, in their hometown of Asheville, N.C.

Getting Started and Finding Obstacles
The company currently makes five varieties of skin salves with names like “Verdant Remedy” and “Thunder Cake” that are made with organic and sustainably harvested ingredients like coconut oil, beeswax, carrot, ginger and spearmint. 

Officially launched in August 2011, after the Erricksons won several business plan competitions, SkinFare’s sales have grown rapidly and its skin care products are now available in some 350 locations across the country. 

Attracting Notice

The company was thrilled to see a boost in interest in their products recently after Dr. Oz, the noted surgeon and TV personality, proclaimed the health benefits of red palm fruit oil – one of the key ingredients used in SkinFare’s organic formulas.

While Errickson is thrilled that someone like Dr. Oz could help open consumer’s eyes to the healing power of natural ingredients, she’s also aware of the risks in competing against much larger companies who may offer cheaper alternatives by paying less attention to where their ingredients come from or how they are harvested.

…More at How A Small-Town Couple Found Success With Organic Beauty Products – Forbes

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