Homemade Cat Toys

Would your pets like some Homemade Cat Toys to play with?

Homemade cat toys are so easy to make from products you ‘d generally throw away, so here are some novel ideas on – How you can Make Cat’s Toys From Recycled Materials.

Homemade cat toys

Homemade cat toys

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A cat’s natural curiosity to explore areas and their love of anything that crinkles or wiggles makes them easy to please with regard to toys.

Below are some ideas on the best ways to make your own cat toys.

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    • Plastic bottle tops are fun for cats to bat at and chase after, my cat thinks he’s David Beckham. There’s nothing elaborate you should do; just put the plastic bottle top on the floor and make believe like you’re not watching.


    • Cardboard boxes are kitty favorites. Cats can keep themselves amused for a long time with a cardboard box. Simply set it in the middle of the floor or on a preferred furniture piece. If you have more than one cat, it can be extremely entertaining to enjoy them cram together into the box or chase each other in and out of it.


    •  Old socks that you want to get rid of can be have some catnip put in them and tied shut. Catnip is pretty wonderful stuff to cats. The catnip in the sock makes it certain to be a favorite plaything.
Homemade cat toys - boxer

Homemade cat toys – boxer


    • Take all that good, crinkly mail from advertisers and make cat toys from it. You can just ball up the waste paper into little balls, or you can tie a piece of crinkled-up paper to the end of a string.


    • Keep all those bows from gift wrapping, particularly lots of that curly ribbon, it makes for fun cat toys.


    • Toilet tissue tubes can be fun, too. Some cats like them as they are; others prefer them with ribbons connected to either end, and yet another method is to use a bathroom tube to put some beans into and cover both ends with wax paper, and elastic band them in place. The beans will make an attractive rattling noise when your cat bats the tube around the room.


    • Save the cork from your wine bottle. Corks are porous and light, the best thing for cats to swipe and chase. You can also affix the cork to a string and dangle it.


    • Paper bags of all types make fascinating cat toys. Cats cannot keep away from an open bag lying on its side. If you spray some catnip in the bag, it’s even more enticing.


  • Make a tunnel with tall cardboard boxes, open-end-down. Lay them end-to-end, cutting the brief sides out to make them open. Cats enjoy passages, however you can make them even more fun by adding a dangling toy (made from recycled materials obviously!) at either end.

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Homemade Cat Toys

Homemade Cat Toys

Of course this is to entertain your loving cats, but you never know; you may just get some fun from it.

I am sure everybody can come up with ideas for homemade cat toys, so please feel free to leave them in the box below or go to our Facebook page and leave your ideas there. 

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