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Where are the best Ecotourism Destinations?

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You might be surprised at the wide diversity of choices available to you!

From ecotourism destinations close to home, to more exotic far-flung places.

This article will endeavor to give you an insight into just what is possible nowadays.

If three decades ago ecotourism was just a wild idea for the more courageous of travelers, nowadays is has gone mainstream. Travel portal reveals the top ten ecotourism destinations for the summer of 2012, perfect locations for eco-adventurers of all ages and venues. Ranging from the Himalayas in Nepal to Botswana and Borneo in Southeast Asia, every destination on this list has been selected due to its ability of meeting all criteria of what ‘eco-friendly haven’ means today.

“We have included ten names on our list, based on several relevant criteria: abundance of national resources, unique biodiversity and local commitment to care for and maintain the natural, unaltered beauty of these places through what is called sustainable tourism. We believe that seasoned tourists will enjoy the balanced combination of wildlife, environmentally-friendly cabins and lodges and ecological diversity”, says editor of Top Ten Ecotourism Destinations article featured on Journey etc.

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The Himilayas seen from the Dharma Wheel

The complete list of the ecotourism destinations include: Himalayas, the Amazon, Blue Mountains in Australia, Alaska, Botswana, Antarctica, Borneo, Costa Rica, Galapagos Islands and Dominica, with some of these names already known to eco travelers and others still to be discovered. While all these blessed places encompass some of the most unique and distinctive eco-systems, tourists are encouraged to do their part as well – they must follow specific green travel guidelines and make sure the places they visit remain unspoiled and unaltered for a long time….More at Journeyetc Reveals the Top Ten Ecotourism Destinations for This

Well I hope that has whetted your appetite to be more adventurous and search for places off the beaten track.

Below is an article which focuses on Australia; the choices are truly mouth-watering.


Adventure in Australia

Over the past years Australia has evolved as a truly global travel destination and rated among the top rated by the travelers and backpackers from all around the world. The truly fantastic thing about Australia is its diverse landscapes and a rich cultural heritage. The vast landscape is covered with barren yet charismatic deserts to dense rainforests and age old coral reefs to woodlands covered with thick Eucalyptus woods. This rich mix and texture makes this island continent one of the world’s most preferred destinations for eco-tourism.

Christmas Island, a natural wonder

From a wide range of destinations, here we have chosen top 4 top eco-conscious treks in Australia.

  • Daintree Rainforest:
    If you want to experience the rare chance of witnessing a mindboggling amount of variety of flora and fauna in a rainforest and boast about visiting the oldest rainforest on earth, you must go there. Its hiking trails to the remote jungle destinations are widely popular among tourists.
  • Kakadu National Park:
    Being in Australia you can’t miss a chance to visit the most important place for the Aboriginal people, the age old inhabitants of this island. This Tropical Savannah forest has been inducted into the list of World Heritage Sites.
  • Bungle Bungle Range:
    Another World Heritage Site, famous for its rock formations.
    It’s an ideal place for trekking and sightseeing.
    Fraser Island: If you are looking for absolute wilderness, perfect relaxation and some real adventure, Fraser Island can provide it all. It’s situated off the coastline of Harvey Bay and at the starting line of Great Barrier Reef.
  • The Blue Mountain Range:
    If you want to explore the history of this island along with natural beauty and a bit of adventure too, Blue Mountain Range will be ideal for you. From mountain climbing to horse riding adventure, the place has it all to offer you. Interact with various local tribes along the way and get to know the history and culture of this place, first hand.
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It is absolutely staggering the options available to you, if you enjoy adventure, natural beauty, rugged landscapes, peace and tranquility then you must have been inspired but what is on offer these days.
If you have any helpful advice or tips for fellow travellers on ecotourism destinations, please leave a comment below, many thanks.

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