Bee Friendly Garden

Here are a few ways to create a Bee Friendly Garden

Bees are absolutely essential to the overall health of your garden, you really do need to make an effort to make your garden as bee friendly as you can.

Bee Friendly Garden
Bee Friendly Garden

There are so many good reasons to draw bees into your garden; it’s a job to know where to begin?

They are essential to the well-being of agriculture and horticultural pursuits.

Unfortunately bees are becoming more rare due to a number of reasons.

Loss of environment could be one.

So make an effort to make your garden a more bee-friendly environment.

Here are a few tips.

  • Do not make use of insecticides or pesticides in your garden. Bees are prone to these substances
  • Leave an area of your garden for wild life. Let the wildflowers take control of a segment of your garden. Fence it off if you like. Place a sign at the entrance saying ‘Warning, you are now entering a bee friendly zone.’
  • Maybe you could create a wildflower garden. You can do this for little to no cash. Where it is allowable, collect wild plants and flowers and transplant them to your garden. (You’ll be astounded at how much pleasure this will bring you).
  • Check with regional plant nurseries that concentrate on wild and native plants. Add a variety of these to your yard. Native plants are specifically beneficial to bee’s habitat.
  • Have a water on tap in your yard. Bees require water, too, and are brought in to areas where it is readily available. See to it the water source has rocks sticking up at intervals so that bees can crawl up and out of the water if they fall in. If your water function is a pond of some kind, put water plants on the surface for the bees to land on.

    Bee Friendly Garden - Hive
    Bee Friendly Garden – Hive
  • Establish a beehive if you truly wish to get into your yard. Pick a design that works well for your yard, and do some research to find out what equipment you need.
  • Provide shelter for the winter season. Bees like leaf litter and areas between logs and boards. They likewise like to huddle beneath overturned wooden boards.
  • Select plants that are bee-friendly. Here are some plants to consider:
    • Boxwood (The blooms are small and hardly discernible to people, but honeybees will fill a growing boxwood in May)
    • Bush roses
    • Blackberries
    • American holly
    • Bee balm or bergamot
    • Butterfly bush
    • Lemon balm
    • Oregano
    • Strawberries
  • Give the bees plenty of space. You and your kids can observe them, however try to do so without disrupting them too much

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