11 Ways to Prevent Water Pollution

Consider how many ways to prevent water pollution there are, and then put some of them into practice.

Decreasing water pollution in and around your home is the place to start when looking into the various ways to prevent water pollution.

Ways to Prevent Water Pollution

Ways to Prevent Water Pollution

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Pollution in our waterways is a substantial environmental issue. As rain water runs downward, it takes harmful chemicals with it, washing them into creeks, streams, and rivers. You can take steps to lower this kind of pollution by becoming aware and making some changes around your house.

Let’s take a look at some of the options and ways to prevent water pollution:

1. When you renew your automobile’s oil; never discard the oil out onto the ground,nor  bury it, or toss it into the trash. Gather it in a drum and have it recycled, or call your community waste management authority to learn ways to dispose of it in your location.

2. Wash your vehicle with eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaners and soaps which are offered commercially. You can also utilize naturally degradable, natural, liquid veggie soap to clean your automobile.

3. Keep a check on your automobile to see that no fluids are leaking.

4. Freon leaks are slow and frequently unnoticed by the car owner up until his or her cooling fails to kick on in the summertime. Have your cooling and heating system frequently inspected to ensure that there is no Freon leaking into the ground. Rainwater will wash it right into the local stream.

5. Don’t toss out old cleaners, furnishings polishes, or various other chemicals by disposing them outside on the ground.

6. Use organic fertilizers on your lawn and yard, and avoid applying poisonous pesticides and herbicides. There are environmentally friendly means to control pests that do not include the use of toxins. Diatomaceous earth is one such option, as are eco-friendly insecticidal soaps. White vinegar likewise eliminates most weeds if poured straight on them.

7. Dispose of your animal’s waste responsibly by scooping it and sealing it in zip-top bags. A much more green choice is to install a basic animal “septic tank” which breaks down the waste into a safe compound that is absorbed back into the dirt.

8. Contact your local waste authorities about the disposal of empty (or partially empty) paint cans. Don’t simply put them in the garbage.

9. Reuse every little thing you can; whatever you put in the garbage ends up in the landfill. And whatever is in the landfill gets soaked every time it rains, and the storm run-off takes the chemicals and toxins with it into the streams.

10. If you have a septic system or home aeration system, ensure it is running effectively. Have it frequently inspected by your community authorities and make any required repairs.

11. Do not litter it is illegal in most areas, but whether or not you are caught doesn’t change the truth that it is hazardous to the environment. Cigarette butts count as litter, too – cigarette smokers often toss these stubs aside without thinking of the millions of others who are likewise doing so. Litter gets washed into waterways and can trigger major problems.

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