Sustainable Fish List

Do you ever wonder when you are out at your favorite restaurant, whether they are using produce from sustainable sources?

Sustainable Fish List - Fish hierarchy
Sustainable Fish List – Fish hierarchy

The reason I mention it is that after being taken for a fabulous meal at stunning fish restaurant, I noticed that on the menu was a mention of only using fish from sustainable resources.

So, after doing a little research online, I found an interesting article on – Care2’s site – with a sustainable fish list.

It’s a fairly lengthy article so, I have put a link to it at the bottom of this potted version.

10 Sustainable Fish to Put On Your Plate
by s.e. smith

The world’s fisheries are in danger. Depleted by overfishing and pressured by global warming, they’re shrinking even as more and more people are demanding fish as a healthy alternative to red meat.

It might be healthier for people, but what about the environment? What do all those sustainability labels really mean? And which fish species are the best choices for you?

Seafood Watch provides an app, constantly updated with new information, as well as a printable pocket guide, two great options to ensure you’re always prepared.

They consider criteria like fish populations, the larger role of fish in the ecosystem, by catch, fishing and farming practices, and human health when developing recommendations, which vary by region.

It’s important to be aware of regional issues when reading sustainable seafood recommendations, as your area may have some unique concerns. (For international readers, the World Wildlife Fund has a number of national guides.)

The Marine Stewardship Council is another organization that works on sustainable seafood and consumer issues, although they have been accused of blue-washing — certifying companies that don’t exactly meet their standards. As a consumer, you should evaluate any source of fish, even one that’s certified, with care. Some questions to ask can include how far the fish has traveled, whether you’re seeing the whole fish or only a cut that might make it hard to identify (fish fraud is a growing problem), and what kind of reputation the fish packing firm has on the market.

Sustainable Fish List - Herrings
Sustainable Fish List – Herrings

But you want to get to the good stuff. Which fish are your best options?

1. Barramundi
These guys grow fast (good news for replenishment rates) and are found in parts of the Pacific and Indian Oceans.

2. Geoduck clams

They look weird, but they’re tasty, and they’re a sustainable shellfish choice in the Pacific

3. Striped Bass

Don’t confuse Striped Bass and Chilean Sea Bass, though, which is not a sustainable choice.

4. Pompano

This Florida native prefers warm water, and it has fun in the sun, while it lasts. They mature very quickly, which makes them ideal for fisheries management, and they also reproduce abundantly.

5. Hoki

This New Zealand fish is a major product, primarily exported to China. Hoki mature and reproduce quickly.

6. Shrimp — Northern, Pink, and Spot!

Shrimp get around, and fortunately a number of species are considered sustainable (in addition to good) eating.

7. Albacore tuna

A stalwart inhabitant of the tinned fish aisle, albacore tuna is also a sustainable option. They grow quickly, especially when compared to other tuna, travel in large packs that make them easy to fish efficiently and reproduce rapidly as well.

8. Pacific and Indian sardines
Sardines are famous for being tightly packed in tins — and traveling in massive schools — but they’re also a sustainable seafood choice. And they come fresh, too.

9. Argentine squid

Don’t blink, or you might miss the short life of an Argentine squid. They generally mature, reproduce and die in under a year, which means they’re less subject to strain on their fishery because they’ve already evolved to keep replacing themselves at a steady rate.

10. Atlantic herring

A good ethical choice, as the fishery is very well-managed with a low possibility of depletion.

….More at Sustainable Fish to Put On Your Plate –

If you want some further reading – Greenpeace have some interesting information for a sustainable fish list.

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