Organic Slug Control Methods

Would you like to make use of – Organic Slug Control Methods?

The best ways to eliminate slugs in the vegetable garden using natural organic methods.

Slugs can cause huge problems for the would-be organic gardener when it comes to caring for his plants and vegetables.

Lots of gardening enthusiasts have actually been brought to tears after seeing the fruits of their labor consumed by slugs.

Organic slug control methods image
Organic slug control methods
Brian Robert Marshall [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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If you’re gardening organically this makes the job of removing slugs that much harder.

But do not despair since there are some things you can do without the need to introduce poisonous chemicals to your garden to get rid of the unwanted slugs.

I have listed some suggestions below:

  • Construct an obstacle. If your vegetables and fruit are grown in raised beds this is quite easy.
    Just connect a barrier that the slugs won’t cross and get into the plot.
    The very best product to make use of is, a strip of copper all around the sides of your borders.
    Slugs do not like copper and so it will be tough for them to enter.
  • Make it rough and uneven. Slugs do not like rough surfaces as it is difficult for them to crawl on it.
    Add crushed egg shells or spiky pieces of pebbles around your vegetable plot to make it hard for them to gain access.You can use grit, the type you feed chickens with, as a good alternative.
    Mulch can be bad as slugs are drawn towards rotting decaying matter.
    However cocoa shells are a good option which slugs don’t appear to like.
  • Be aware, though, that cocoa shells can be toxic to puppies.
  • Construct a trap. You can buy ready made traps at the garden center quite cheaply or just make your own.
    Put small plastic pots (a plastic cup with the bottom removed works well) in your vegetable garden. Fill these traps with beer. As the slugs crawl up the traps they will fall in the beer and drown,(with a smile on their face).
  • Make use of your hands. There are some organic slug control methods which are more work than others and this one falls into the category of hardest! This is without a doubt the most time consuming method of getting rid of slugs but if all else fails, this the fool-proof method.
    It’s good to catch them at dusk (this is when they have the tendency to be out) and eliminate them one by one from your plants.
  • Keep It natural. My personal favorite way of keeping slugs at bay is to attract more wildlife into the garden.
    Wild birds love to eat slugs. Put up bird-feeders and food around the yard to attract wild birds which will in turn help to keep the slug population low.

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