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Genital Crabs

By myke

An Endangered Species you will be pleased to see the back of – Genital Crabs! It can be quite fascinating what you’ll find; when you start looking for a story with a new twist to publish, . Today I thought let’s have a look at the endangered species category, and I have to say pubic […]


Space Debris

By myke

Space Debris – The Swiss To The Rescue It’s absolutely amazing, just when we think we have turned a few corners in striving to save the planet from the ravages of waste and destruction; we now discover that – ‘Space: the final frontier’ – is already in the throes of being littered with all manner […]


Eco Friendly Products Showcased in Doha

By myke

Eco Friendly Products Showcased in Doha, capital city of the State of Qatar Today we head off to the Middle East to the tiny state of Qatar, jutting out into the Persian Gulf, where in Doha (meaning ‘Big Tree’) the capital city, there is an exposition highlighting eco friendly products. This excerpt is from an […]


Global Green Awards

By myke

The Global Green Awards  for 2012 It is always good to see organizations showing initiative by highlighting and giving awards for the good work that can sometimes go by almost unnoticed: here is a report from the Mother Nature Network for the Global Green Awards 2012. Global Green hands out awards, announces three-part Sandy rebuilding […]


Robert Redford Environmentalist

By myke

Trying to make a Difference – Robert Redford Environmentalist It’s always refreshing to see a celebrity doing things for the good of the planet because they really believe in it, rather than just trying to get on a free publicity band-wagon. Here is an interesting article I found in The Hollywood Reporter, there is a […]


Mountain Gorilla Facts

By myke

Mountain Gorilla Facts – surprisingly, some good news! I am spending time looking for good news stories at the moment, basically to try and cheer my self up. Everywhere you look these days its doom and gloom and sadly, I do add to it on occasion, by having to highlight the plight of yet another […]


Red Panda Facts

By myke

Some little known – Red Panda Facts I have to be honest, my knowledge of Red Pandas was extremely vague; until quite recently. While researching an article on The Kingdom of Bhutan in the Himalayas, I started to become interested in the plight of Red Pandas as I began to unearth facts about them. So, […]


Types of Pollution

By myke

With all the different types of pollution now in our atmosphere – Is it time we had our own measuring devices? I have posted a short extract from an article in the New York Times which I thought you would find of interest, especially with all the types of pollution dangers to our air quality […]


The Great Barrier Reef Facts

By Isobel

The Great Barrier Reef Facts – it’s Under Threat – Maybe Within a Year! Some experts are giving warning that the Great barrier Reef needs protection fairly urgently. Some of The Great Barrier Reef facts are: that it is the world’s largest coral reef system composed of over 2,900 individual reefs and 900 islands stretching […]


Endangered Species Definition

By myke

Endangered species definition – it’s not as simple as you might think! I have been asked many times what is the definition of ‘Endangered Species’, so I thought I would cover the subject in todays post. When you look in the dictionary you will find the endangered species definition a little easier to understand, such […]

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