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Discovery of a New Species

By myke

Discovery of a New Species – The Olinguito – Described as a cross between a House Cat and a Teddy Bear I bet your children would love an’ Olinguito’ for Christmas, a Cross between a House Cat and a Teddy Bear’, I expect with this discovery of a new species of animal this will become the […]


Ivory Trade 2013

By myke

Ivory Trade 2013 These magnificent animals are slaughtered every day in the ivory trade 2013, for their tusks just to make souvenirs for tourists. I personally think it’s absolutely sickening, I really can’t understand why people would buy these things knowing these amazing animals are doomed to extinction because of the ivory trade in poached […]


Global Warming and Rising Sea Levels

By myke

Do you think Global Warming and rising sea levels will make any real difference to our planet? I’ve come across two interesting articles on global warming and rising sea levels in the last few days; one from the National Geographic and the other from The Inquisitr. They make for interesting reading, the first talks about rising […]


How Green Is Your Apple

By myke

Have You Ever Wondered – How Green Is Your Apple…? I found an interesting article on the various essential gadgets that none of us can do without in our day to day lives, but I doubt many of us ever give a second thought to the manufacturing processes involved to make them available for us. […]


Vatican – Eco-tourism – Protection of Water

By myke

The Vatican – Eco-tourism – Protection of Water = Safeguarding our common future…! It’s good to see the Vatican getting involved in some of the sustainable environmental issues of the day, we need all the help we can get. Make sure you like > Daily Green Post  on Facebook < to be updated every time […]


Green Homes – Buying Tips

By myke

Green Homes – Buying Tips Ecologically friendly homes are slowly becoming big business, as more and more people are becoming aware of the environmental problems that are stacking up against the future prospects of our planet. I found an interesting article from the NBC News site on what you should look out for when you […]


Endangered Species International Review

By myke

The Endangered Species International review 2013 I thought it was time to take a another look into the plight of the endangered species of our planet earth; while ploughing through a plethora of information on the subject, I found this interesting article on National Geographic’s website, which I think you will find of interest. On the […]


Soursop Cancer

By myke

Interesting article about Soursop cancer treatment…! I think you will find this post quite fascinating, it is truly amazing the things that are claimed as natural cures for major diseases such as cancer. I have done a little research on the Soursop cancer treatments and they all seem quite well founded: I have put a […]


Global Warming Effects

By myke

I haven’t written about global warming for a while, so I thought it’s time I caught up with what’s going on and what are the latest Global warming effects that are changing the landscape of our planet. After going through numerous reports and articles, I settled on this report from CNN, I hope you find […]


Gilberts Potoroo

By myke

I have to admit that Gilberts Potoroo, possibly the worlds’ rarest marsupial was completely unknown to me up until 24 hours ago… … When I read an article in the – ‘The Conversation’ – on the animal. It was thought to be extinct in the early part of 20th century and only rediscovered in the 1990’s […]

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