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Global Warming Fact or Fiction

By myke

 Is Everything You Read About Global Warming Fact or Fiction? I’m sure you have heard that global warming is the number one culprit for: flooding, droughts, unusual weather patterns, sea levels rising, these are all head liners in news papers these days and blamed on the inhabitants of our planet Earth but is global warming […]


Greenhouse Effect Arctic Ocean?

By myke

Greenhouse Effect Arctic Ocean? Just when you thought it was safe to come in from the cold the Greenhouse Effect is being highlighted in the Arctic Ocean. It seems wherever you look these days, there are new warnings on global warming, and now even the Arctic regions are coming under the spotlight. [box style=”rounded”]Make sure […]


Global Warming and Rising Sea Levels

By myke

Do you think Global Warming and rising sea levels will make any real difference to our planet? I’ve come across two interesting articles on global warming and rising sea levels in the last few days; one from the National Geographic and the other from The Inquisitr. They make for interesting reading, the first talks about rising […]


Global Warming Effects

By myke

I haven’t written about global warming for a while, so I thought it’s time I caught up with what’s going on and what are the latest Global warming effects that are changing the landscape of our planet. After going through numerous reports and articles, I settled on this report from CNN, I hope you find […]


Arctic Sea Ice Thickness

By Isobel

Arctic Sea Ice Thickness – Set To Hit record Low Is it time to start worrying about Global Warming yet? If not now, when? Take a  look at the information below, it makes a case for: ‘we had better start taking a much closer look at the impact we are having on our environment while […]


Global Warming News Article

By myke

Global Warming News Article – Climate Change Driving Australian Fish South! Wherever you look these days, more and more evidence is coming to light regarding the plight of our planet due to the effects of  ‘Global Warming’. I intend to highlight this topic as and when I discover new areas that are being affected by […]


Endangered Species

By myke

The U.S.A. has placed Polar Bears on the Endangered Species List America, after weeks of delays have finally got their act together and put Polar Bears on the endangered species list. [box style=”rounded”]Make sure you click here to like > Daily Green Post on Facebook < to be updated every time we find new tips on […]