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Survival At Any Cost

By myke

Watch This – Survival At Any Cost Video, absolutely staggering! Who will you put your money on in this Survival at any cost video? A friend sent me this video to look at, and I must say it left me speechless. It is completely amazing, I was utterly awestruck. So a big thanks to Mike […]


Polar Bears and Global Warming

By myke

Polar Bears And Global Warming Polar bears are the world’s largest land predators. They evolved some 200,000 years ago from ancestors of the brown bear. They can be found living in Alaska, Canada, Russia, Greenland and Norway. Males range in size from 775 to more than 1,500 pounds while females are smaller topping out at […]


Ivory Trade 2013

By myke

Ivory Trade 2013 These magnificent animals are slaughtered every day in the ivory trade 2013, for their tusks just to make souvenirs for tourists. I personally think it’s absolutely sickening, I really can’t understand why people would buy these things knowing these amazing animals are doomed to extinction because of the ivory trade in poached […]


Endangered Species International Review

By myke

The Endangered Species International review 2013 I thought it was time to take a another look into the plight of the endangered species of our planet earth; while ploughing through a plethora of information on the subject, I found this interesting article on National Geographic’s website, which I think you will find of interest. On the […]


Gilberts Potoroo

By myke

I have to admit that Gilberts Potoroo, possibly the worlds’ rarest marsupial was completely unknown to me up until 24 hours ago… … When I read an article in the – ‘The Conversation’ – on the animal. It was thought to be extinct in the early part of 20th century and only rediscovered in the 1990’s […]


Genital Crabs

By myke

An Endangered Species you will be pleased to see the back of – Genital Crabs! It can be quite fascinating what you’ll find; when you start looking for a story with a new twist to publish, . Today I thought let’s have a look at the endangered species category, and I have to say pubic […]


Mountain Gorilla Facts

By myke

Mountain Gorilla Facts – surprisingly, some good news! I am spending time looking for good news stories at the moment, basically to try and cheer my self up. Everywhere you look these days its doom and gloom and sadly, I do add to it on occasion, by having to highlight the plight of yet another […]


Red Panda Facts

By myke

Some little known – Red Panda Facts I have to be honest, my knowledge of Red Pandas was extremely vague; until quite recently. While researching an article on The Kingdom of Bhutan in the Himalayas, I started to become interested in the plight of Red Pandas as I began to unearth facts about them. So, […]


Endangered Species Definition

By myke

Endangered species definition – it’s not as simple as you might think! I have been asked many times what is the definition of ‘Endangered Species’, so I thought I would cover the subject in todays post. When you look in the dictionary you will find the endangered species definition a little easier to understand, such […]


Endangered Species 2012

By myke

The 100 Most Threatened – Endangered Species 2012 Please read this article by the:  Zoological Society of London (ZSL) and IUCN, the International Union for Conservation of Nature. I think it’s time we all became more aware of the plight of some of the species we share our planet with. Endangered species 2012 – are […]