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Asbestos Awareness Week

By myke

Asbestos Awareness Week  April 1 – April 7 I’ve been asked If I would mind highlighting Asbestos Awareness Week, so obviously I agreed to do so. I have curated some salient points from: if you want more information just click the link. Asbestos cancer is more commonly known as mesothelioma. Mesothelioma, the type of cancer most […]


Survival At Any Cost

By myke

Watch This – Survival At Any Cost Video, absolutely staggering! Who will you put your money on in this Survival at any cost video? A friend sent me this video to look at, and I must say it left me speechless. It is completely amazing, I was utterly awestruck. So a big thanks to Mike […]


Ebola Virus Facts 2014

By myke

Ebola Virus Facts 2014 Some Ebola facts and possibilities about the virus, 2014. The name for the Ebola virus is derived from the Ebola River due to the location of the first outbreaks in the mid 1970’s. It Is being named an Ebola crisis because of the sheer number of people who have died since the outbreak. […]


Polar Bears and Global Warming

By myke

Polar Bears And Global Warming Polar bears are the world’s largest land predators. They evolved some 200,000 years ago from ancestors of the brown bear. They can be found living in Alaska, Canada, Russia, Greenland and Norway. Males range in size from 775 to more than 1,500 pounds while females are smaller topping out at […]


Global Warming Fact or Fiction

By myke

 Is Everything You Read About Global Warming Fact or Fiction? I’m sure you have heard that global warming is the number one culprit for: flooding, droughts, unusual weather patterns, sea levels rising, these are all head liners in news papers these days and blamed on the inhabitants of our planet Earth but is global warming […]


Leed Certification

By myke

Leed Certification – Is this the Future for Shopping Malls in America? Is LEED© Certification Effective: A Case Study of Destiny USA Guest post by Rob Schoeneck General Manager Destiny USA   LEED Certification LEED© & Destiny USA The Impact of LEED© Gold Certification A Call to Action for Business Leaders At Destiny USA there’s always a lot […]


Green Living – 250 years Later

By myke

This is Green Living – 250 Years Later – Progress? Green living – 250 years later, what an awfully sad sight to behold…! What a sad sight… A Mute Swan has built a nest using discarded plastic garbage. [box style=”rounded”]Make sure you click here to like > Daily Green Post on Facebook < to be updated […]


Solar Panels – USA/Chinese Dispute

By myke

 Solar Panels causing dispute between USA and China! Relations between the USA and China are already fragile with various disputes such as, rare earth minerals and the auto-industry raging on and now we have solar panels entering the arena (This news is over 12 months old but has anything changed?) [box style=”rounded”]Make sure you click […]


Greenhouse Effect Arctic Ocean?

By myke

Greenhouse Effect Arctic Ocean? Just when you thought it was safe to come in from the cold the Greenhouse Effect is being highlighted in the Arctic Ocean. It seems wherever you look these days, there are new warnings on global warming, and now even the Arctic regions are coming under the spotlight. [box style=”rounded”]Make sure […]


Ultimate Eco friendly Lighting System

By myke

Is this the – Ultimate Eco friendly Lighting System…? It’s often said: ‘Some of the greatest ideas are the simplest’, and this one falls into that bracket, this must be the ultimate eco friendly lighting system ever conceived. Make sure you click here to like > Daily Green Post on Facebook < to be updated […]

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