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Recycling Tips

By myke

Here are some Recycling Tips and Sustainability ideas Recycling, downcycling and upcycling! What do they all mean? No, it’s nothing to do with bikes (not quite true, bikes can be recycled too); they are all words used in recycling your waste products. – I think there is a pun in there somewhere, unintended. Read this […]


Eco Friendly Resorts

By myke

A taste of paradise from Eco friendly resorts Bali, Indonesia Jegog is a form of gamelan music indigenous to Bali, Indonesia played on instruments made of bamboo. The tradition of jegog is centered in Jembrana, a region in Western Bali. In recent years jegog has started to become popular in other regions of Bali with […]


Green City

By myke

Green City Living and Thinking – Houses I have found a fascinating article in the New York Times, it is exceptionally well written and is┬ádefinitely worth your time to read. I love the insight into the Inuit lifestyle, I was completely absorbed into the why’s and wherefore’s of the building of igloos, totally new to […]


Eco House

By myke

Eco House – Tips and Tricks for the Family Simple methods to improve your home’s eco-friendliness. Most of us want to do our part to protect the world we live in, but without a huge paycheck, that can appear a little difficult, if not impossible. But doing your part does not need to be too […]


Worm Composting Videos Kids – Vermicomposting

By Isobel

Worm Composting Videos Kids – Tutorials, or How to Make Vermicompost This is the time to get your kids interested in green living; while they are still young enough to find it fun and fascinating. I have yet to find any kids that didn’t think worms were an interesting subject. I have put 3 worm […]


Benefits of Ecotourism

By myke

What are the Benefits of Ecotourism? The benefits of ecotourism are many and varied; I have put together some articles and videos below which I hope you will find illuminating and give you a good insight into how you can enjoy contributing to the sustainability of mother earth and all the pleasures and delights she […]


Ecotourism Destinations

By myke

Where are the best Ecotourism Destinations? You might be surprised at the wide diversity of choices available to you! From ecotourism destinations close to home, to more exotic far-flung places. This article will endeavor to give you an insight into just what is possible nowadays. If three decades ago ecotourism was just a wild idea […]


What is Solar Energy for Kids

By myke

What is Solar Energy for Kids Children today can easily discover the facts about solar energy. We have a means to teach them about renewable energy; not only from this site but many others as well. Solar energy will certainly be their future and will depend on how we look after it today. Solar power […]

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