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Natural Homemade Beauty Recipes

By myke

Natural Homemade Beauty Recipes  for Beautiful Skin Natural home-made beauty recipes is the latest trend in skin and hair care. For several years, we’ve been putting harmful chemicals into our bodies that build up and make us feel exhausted and ill, irrespective of whether we consume them or if they penetrate though our pores. Now […]


Quit Smoking Aids Reviews

By myke

If you are considering stopping smoking this Stoptober – here are some Quit Smoking Aids Reviews for you to consider… Choosing to stop smoking is frequently one of the leading New Years resolutions for smokers far and wide, and yet many more thousands upon thousands of people seem to pick up the habit every year in […]


Organic Health And Beauty

By myke

Organic Health And Beauty Products Organic Health And Beauty: the word organic has become the buzz word to promote consumer friendly products for anything regarding health and beauty. Consumers think of organic health and beauty as synonymous to – organic health products are harmless. [box style=”rounded”]Make sure you click here to like > Daily Green […]


Natural Remedies for Fresh Breath

By myke

7 Natural Remedies for Fresh Breath Using Herbs The best ways to Freshen Up Your Breath With Herbs. Make sure you like > Daily Green Post  on Facebook < to be updated every time we find new tips on helping the environment, plus exciting and innovative new ways to help you and your family. >>>> […]


Safe Workouts for Seniors

By Isobel

Here are 5 safe workouts for seniors or should I say the slightly more mature middle aged 5 Safe Exercises for Senior citizens As we age our bodies start to degrade; it’s a truth of life that we cannot prevent, so safe workouts for seniors is a must in our arsenal of preventative measures. Make […]


Yoga and Weight Loss

By Isobel

Why not combine Yoga and Weight Loss together for a perfect harmony of feeling good – both mentally and physically? Make sure you like > Daily Green Post  on Facebook < to be updated every time we find new tips on helping the environment, plus exciting and innovative new ways to help you and your […]


Organic Health and Beauty Reviews

By Isobel

Organic Health and Beauty Reviews Here at the Daily Green Post, we always like to look at alternative methods to keep us healthy and looking beautiful (I wish), so it’s always interesting to come across stories of people who are trying to make a real difference to the way we look after ourselves; using greener […]


Green Tea Antioxidants

By myke

Green Tea Antioxidants can Help in the War against Cancer! In the battle against the big ‘C’ a small green tea leaf may help us in our fight against cancer. See this interesting article below for further insights. Antioxidants in green tea seem to help body brace against cancer By DRS. KAY JUDGE AND MAXINE […]


Green Tea Health Benefits

By Isobel

Organic Green Tea Health Benefits – Chinese or Japanese! Organic green tea health benefits are being recognized by people the world over as they are becoming increasingly aware of the unsafe impacts that come from chemical pesticides and fertilizers, enabling organic items such as organic green tea to increase in popularity. Green tea is a […]


Organic Skincare

By Isobel

Organic Skincare Maintenance – DIY for The Body and Soul! If it can easily be done in a natural way, why go for synthetic methods? This is the fundamental premise on which ‘organic skincare maintenance’ works. Organic skin maintenance is the most natural means of ‘Organic skincare‘. In reality, “natural skin maintenance” was probably the […]