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Recycled Glass Countertops

By myke

Your questions answered regarding, Recycled Glass Countertops and their green attributes. When it comes to a kitchen or restroom remodeling project, among your biggest costs will most likely be the counter tops, recycled glass countertops provide the ideal method to add appeal to your kitchen or washroom. Make sure you like > Daily Green Post  […]


Eco Friendly Cleaners

By myke

Make Your Own Non-Toxic Multipurpose Eco Friendly Cleaners If you spill something on your counter or floor, you probably have some sort of “all-purpose cleaner” that you reach for, and it’s most likely in a spray bottle. However most of those chemical-laden cleaners are highly questionable and can be fairly hazardous – their labels are […]


Awnings Can Save You Energy

By myke

How Awnings Can Save You Energy and Money Make sure you like > Daily Green Post  on Facebook < to be updated every time we find new tips on helping the environment, plus exciting and innovative new ways to help you and your family. Awnings have been actually been around for quite some time, and […]


Homeopathic Remedies Definition

By myke

What is the Homeopathic Remedies Definition and how does it affect you…? Understanding Homeopathic Remedies Homeopathy is an alternative type of medicine that has actually been made use of for thousands of years to deal with every little thing from life threatening diseases to the common cold. While most of the people who use contemporary […]


Animal Friendly Clothing

By myke

Is Animal Friendly Clothing Possible…? Are you concerned with pet cruelty or exploitation? What are the best ways to dress if you want to use Animal-Friendly Clothing? We receive questions like this on a fairly consistent basis, although this site is not a site about vegetarianism; we just like to highlight green issues in an […]


Air Purifiers Reviews

By Isobel

Air Purifiers Reviews – Worth Breathing In! An air cleanser is a device which gets rid of impurities from the air. These gadgets are generally marketed as being beneficial to people with allergic reactions and sufferers of asthma, by lowering or eliminating second-hand tobacco smoke and other contaminants from the air. Usage and advantages of […]


Ecofan Review

By Isobel

An EcoFan Review – What’s an Ecofan, I here you say? Hopefully one day, it will be what people write about the DailyGreenPost in forums and like-minded sites, actually it has already begun so, let’s keep up the good work! But today it is about something I only discovered yesterday, when calling on friends. So, […]


Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products

By Isobel

Are You Using Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products in Your Everyday Housekeeping? Consider using environmentally friendly cleaning products when going about your household chores. We all wish to do our part in guaranteeing our environment stays as safe and healthy as possible for our youngsters and future generations still to come. Lots of people don’t stop […]

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